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2022 Phoenix Calendar

Dear FSM Colleagues

We are so excited to announce the new 3-day 2022 FSM Advanced Course. The 3-day format allows us to feature practitioner case reports along with our regular faculty presentations. David Musnick, MD will be presenting on his approach with FSM and functional medicine to COVID Long Haul symptoms, Kim Pittis and Jon Porman will be doing the physical medicine track. I’m still lining up our regular faculty presentations.
We have two new experts as guest presenters. John Reski, OD, FCOVD will present the how and why vestibular and brain injuries affect the visual and balance system. How it works, why it creates problems for patient function, how to recognize it, and what can be done about it. He is a wonderful physician and my own optician.
William Clearfield, DO will present “The endocrine effects of traumatic brain injuries”. Someone sent me a copy of his slides and I contacted him to ask him to speak. His presentation should explain the patients who don’t improve with just FSM and supplements. I am so excited to provide this missing piece of our puzzle patients.
Jay Shah, MD will present our pre-conference course on February 24 on the Neurological Mechanisms behind chronic pain. His slides and collaboration with FSM spans 22 years and his lectures are amazing education every time.

The Advanced this year is 3 days to make time for the practitioner case reports that are so important at the Symposium. We have some case report submissions already but we can always use more case reports. Case reports are 15 (10 slides) or 30 (20 slides) minutes. Send in the case that was an everyday miracle for you and share that with your FSM colleagues. Presenters have complimentary advanced tuition and a $250 honorarium for 15 minutes and $500 honorarium for 30 minutes.
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