Core Frequency Specific Microcurrent Training

Core Seminars:

The Core Seminar covers basic microcurrent information and the use of specific frequencies and protocols thought to address specific tissues and conditions based on the principles of bio-resonance. The first part of the course focuses on the frequencies and protocols used to treat chronic myofascial pain, new injuries, and injuries less than six weeks old, discogenic pain, post-concussive syndrome and neuropathic pain. The third day of the course focuses on the frequencies needed to treat visceral conditions and functional medicine applications.

First Time Attendee - Live Seminar: $1195

First Time Attendee - DVD Training Set: $1195

First Time Attendee - Live Seminar & DVD Training Set Bundle: $1295

Re-attendee: (previously attended live core seminar or completed the DVD training) $595

Practitioner Assistant: (must be associated with a fully paid practitioner) $595

Student: (currently enrolled in a degree program) $595

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