David Musnick, MD


Dr. David Musnick teaches the visceral portion of the Neuro-Visceral FSM Core Seminar with Dr. McMakin.  He also lectures in the Advanced meetings.

Dr. Musnick is an expert in FSM and in Functional Medicine.  He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine and is Certified in Functional Medicine.  He is trained in Functional Immunology and in Homeopathy.  He is an expert in assessing and treating many different conditions including but not limited to:  Concussion and TBI, Fatigue, Cognitive Impairment, IBS, SIBO, Intestinal Permeability, Constipation, Sinus Conditions, Autoimmune Diseases, Mold Biotoxin illness,  EDS, Allergies, Mast Cell Activation and sensitivities(food, mold, Sulphur, Oxalates, Glyphosate, etc), Hormone issues including Menopause, low Testosterone and Adrenal and Thyroid(Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) Pain, post-COVID conditions,  Osteoarthritis, etc,  His website is www.peakmedicine.com where he can be reached for questions or for in-person or Telemedicine consultations.

Current Training Featuring Dr. David Musnick: