FSM Advanced and FSM Symposium 2021

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2021 Phoenix Events:

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February 25-28

FSM Advanced Conference 2021 Schedule

Crown Plaza Golf Resort, Chandler, Arizona 


FSM Core Seminar

February 17-21, 2021

9:00AM to 6:00PM

The five-day FSM Core seminar is an in-depth introduction to Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The course covers pain management, injury recovery, the nervous system, visceral system, and emotional protocols. Course content and focus has changed significantly in the last five years. It’s a good year for a refresher.

This course will change your practice and your life forever.

This seminar will be taught by Dr. McMakin

FSM Sports Core

February 23-24, 2021

9:00AM to 6:00PM

Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT

This popular two-day specialty FSM Sports Medicine Module features lots of hands-on time and a new approach to using FSM in physical medicine. It’s not just athletics. Life is everyone’s sport. This course is appropriate as a first time FSM Core or as a specialty FSM physical medicine module.

2021 FSM Symposium

February 25-26

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Lunch Buffet Included


FSM Advanced Course

February 27-28

8:30AM – 6:00PM

Lunch Buffet Included


FSM Practicum Instructors Training

March 1, 2021

10:00AM to 6:00PM

Prepare to make yourself part of FSM’s Future

The Practicum instructor training is the first step in becoming eligible to teach the hands-on practicum portion of the course to practitioners who have taken the FSM Core on video, or with internet modules or by reading the FSM Textbook. The Instructor training prepares you for being a paid assistant at the hotel-based FSM Core seminars when they come to a city near you. In order to be a paid assistant, you also must become a certified FSM practitioner. If you enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge and experience with FSM, this course is for you.

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James Oschman PhD

James_Oschman - Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Jerry Pollock PhD

John Sharkey MSc

john sharkey - frequency specific microcurrent

Jim Turner

james-s-turner - Frequency Specific Microcurrent

…more to come



What is a Poster session?

A poster session is a time when you organize your work in a particular area into a
poster format, which is then presented to your peers. Others can read and
discuss what you have posted. It creates a space for you to introduce your
work, a project, an idea or research, meet others and get feedback.

There are specific guidelines to follow regarding format, size, and general
organization that are typically followed to help to capture your audience’s
attention with print that is large enough to read at 5 feet, visually flows, is not
overcrowded, and communicates the main points succinctly.


• The first annual poster session will be held at the FSM Symposium 2021.
• This first year will have a limit of 20 posters accepted
• Applications will be due by January 15, 2021
• You will be notified by February 15th, 2021
• You are responsible for the printing of your poster
• Your poster is to be received the night before the Advanced
• The Poster Session will be one or more 30-minute slots during the breaks at
the advanced, during which you are required to stand by your poster to
answer questions

• Posters will be judged by attendees including faculty
• Every accepted entry will receive $100
• There will be a $500 award for first place (most votes)
• $300 for second place (second most votes)
• $200 for third place (third most votes)
• Equal tied votes for each place will be awarded same amount


Posters usually consist of 5 sections:
1. Title
2. Introduction or Purpose
3. Method
4. Results
5. Discussion

Additional areas could include references and acknowledgements.
Topic areas could include:

An individual case study; case studies are usually presented on original ideas.
Maybe you applied frequencies in a new combination, or on a new diagnosis.
This is another way we can expand our knowledge base by learning from each

A new method or technique: maybe you have a novel way of applying current
that you think others would appreciate knowing about or a new technique.
Research: You’ve been gathering data on a particular topic and have a few
cases. You are not quite ready to write a paper but would like to put it out there
for comment and ideas. A poster can actually lead to writing a paper.
If you think you have a good idea but are not sure about it send me an email
about your idea. Once you have your concept, submit the application to me
() by the due date. Once you receive your approval
notification then proceed to the development.

Develop it into the 4 areas outlined above
Think about images you could use to illustrate it
Put the data together into a table
You can use PowerPoint to help with layout or you can do the old fashioned cut
and paste
If you are using electronic media bring it in to a print shop to have it printed.
Some resources:
Both of these resources have poster templates using PowerPoint.



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One N. San Marcos Place | Chandler Arizona 85225

Continuing Education
We provide a copy of the daily sign-in sheet, Core Seminar completion certificate, class syllabus, and a CEU certificate of completion.
Each board in each state has different requirements.  Check with your board for your requirements.
Included Meals with Gluten-Free Options
Morning Snack
Buffet Lunch
Afternoon Snack
Group’s attendees are responsible for making their own reservations by calling the Hotel’s Reservations
Department at 1-877-685-5594 no later than the Cut-Off Date set forth below. Attendees should identify themselves as being part of Group when calling.
Descriptions of Hotel’s guest room types (including descriptions of guest rooms accessible to guests with disabilities) are available on Hotel’s website at www.CrownePlaza.com/ChandlerAZ or otherwise
available by calling Hotel’s Reservations Department at 1-877-685-5594. Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. –11:00 p.m. Eastern, 7 days a week. Reservations may also be made online through a custom website link. The link web address will be issued to you for your use upon receipt of the signed original contract.
All guest room rates are quoted exclusive of applicable state and local taxes, currently 11.67% occupancy tax. Tax and fees are subject to change without prior notice. Additional person is $10.00 per night for more than double occupancy. Guestroom occupancy is limited to four (4) persons per room. Check-In Time is 3:00 p.m. Check-Out Time is 12:00 noon. All guests arriving before 3:00 p.m. will be accommodated as rooms become available.
Guests will NOT be charged a daily resort fee of $15.00 plus tax per night.  When receiving a confirmation letter from making a reservation online or through our call center, it will automatically show a resort fee.  This is an IHG standard, however, since this has been waived per your contract, the hotel will absorb that fee upon check-in.   Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to arrival or No Shows will result in a charge equal to one night’s room and tax.  Your rooms cutoff date is 1/20/20
Complimentary Internet in Guest rooms and Meeting rooms
The group rate will be available 3 days pre/post program dates, based upon availability
All attendee reservations must be accompanied by a first-night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major credit card of Group. The hotel will not hold any reservations unless secured by one of the above methods.
Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to arrival will result in a charge equal to one night’s room and tax,
and the balance of the canceled reservation will be considered when calculating any Group attrition
charges. Early departures and no-shows will result in the same charge and consequence. If a rooming
list is sent by Group, Group will be responsible for no-shows if a credit card is invalid or declined.
Marriott Biscayne Bay Miami
If you require an early check-in you will need to book the night before, otherwise, early check-ins can be requested, however, they are not guaranteed.  Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to arrival or No Shows will result in a charge equal to one night’s room and tax.
In the event a guest who has requested a room within the Room Block checks out prior to the guest and reserved checkout date, Hotel will add an early checkout fee of one night’s room and tax to that guest and individual account. Guests wishing to avoid an early checkout fee should advise Hotel at or before check-in of any change in planned length of stay.
Reservations by Group and attendees against the Room Block must be received on or before Monday,
January 20, 2020 (the “Cut-Off Date”). At the Cut-Off Date, Hotel will review the reservation pickup for the Event, release the unreserved rooms for general sale, and determine whether or not it can
subsequently, accept reservations based on space and rate-available basis at the group rate after this
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