frequency specific core practicum instruction

Take the FSM instructor course after taking the FSM Comprehensive Core and at least one Advanced course. You do not need to be certified to take the instructor course or assist at seminars. In order to train students independently, instructors must become an FSM Certified practitioner within two years of taking their instructor course.

In the US you must have a license to treat with electrical stimulation. (use of a TENS)

We also request that you train students using equipment from Precision Distributing.

Being an instructor does not grant permission to teach FSM Core or Advanced material.

Instructors are chosen on the basis of their FSM knowledge and experience and their ability to communicate and teach the practicum portion of the FSM course.

Training Video & On-line Course Students
Instructors will receive $500 per student for the half day of practicum instruction (4 hours) for students who have taken the FSM Core training by on-line course or video.

Instructors who recruit and enroll a student will receive a for each FSM unit purchased by an attendee trained by the instructor.

Instructors will receive 10% discount on attendance at FSM seminars and discounts on books, video downloads, and other training materials.

For now, to ensure quality instruction and monitoring, class size for practicum instructors teaching independently is limited to 4.

Instructor Non-Disclosure Agreement
The non-disclosure agreement signed during the core course still applies to instructors and will be enforced.

Being an instructor does not grant permission to teach Frequency Specific Microcurrent© Core or Advanced course material.

An FSM Practicum Instructor is qualified to teach the practical hands-on portion of the course and to answer any questions a student might have about the Core Seminar material during the practicum training. DO NOT discuss non-FSM or Advanced FSM frequencies with Core students.

Training at Hotel-Based Core Seminars
Instructors who have completed the instructor prerequisites and have assisted at two seminars within two years will be compensated at the rate of $500 per day for hotel-based seminars and conventions plus lodging, airfare, and transportation to and from the hotel. Instructors must make their own hotel and coach airline reservations. Meals are not included in compensation due to IRS regulations, but you can take the tax deduction. When assisting at a seminar the registration fee is waived.

Payment for Training Services
After the training has been completed, the instructor must send an invoice as a word document by email to FSM staff and include the desired method of reimbursement. If compensation is to be made by wire transfer, please provide the necessary SWIFT code, bank routing number and address, and the account number.

Instructor Discounts
Instructors will receive 10% discount on attendance at FSM seminars and 10% discount on books, DVD’s and other training materials.