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Chapter 1

The Purpose of this Class

Where did the Frequencies Come From?

Microcurrent Devices

FSM Research

How Can FSM Change Conditions in Specific Tissues?

CE Credits


FSM Goals

Topics to be Covered


Chapter 2

Equipment Practicum

Contraindications for TENS Devices

Frequency Demonstration

Frequency Trial

Using FSM: The Basics

Precaution: 81 Hz

Basic Strategy

Resonance Protocols for Myofascial Pain and Trigger Points


Chapter 3

Caution: 40/116

Caution: “Scar” Frequencies

Tissue Quiz: Channel B Frequencies

Think of Anatomy as Tissue Types

Frequency Specific Core Practicum Intro

Frequency Specific Core Practicum


Chapter 4

Morning Debrief

Channel A Frequencies

Short Myofascial Treatment

Complete Myofascial Summary

Precaution: Stenosis

Metabolic Myofascial Perpetuating Factor

Condition Quiz: Channel A Frequencies

Discogenic Pain and Myofascial Pain

Nutritional Support for Disc Related Pain


Chapter 5

Nutritional Support for Facet Generated Pain

Equipment Practicum Intro

Equipment Practicum

Practicum Discussion

Ligamentous Instability and Myofascial Pain


Chapter 6

Treatment Summary Protocols

Charging for FSM

Equipment Operation and Care

Custom Care Software

Neck Pain Demonstration Intro

Neck Pain Demonstration


Chapter 7

Morning Debrief

Equipment Suggestions

Chronic Shoulder and Knee Pain

Treating the TMJ

Visceral Conditions Creating Myofascial Pain


Tendency to Have Chronic Pain

Practical Tips for Myofascial Work


Chapter 8

Treating the Cervical Spine Supine

Cervical Spine Supine Practicum

Practicum Debrief

Subacute Trauma: Week 1-6

Strategy Quiz

Acute Trauma: Onset to Day 7


Chapter 9

Frequencies for Conditions: Channel A

Summary for New Injury

Resonance and the Nervous System

The Concussion Protocol

Treating the Lumbar Spine Supine

Lumbar Spine Supine Practicum


Chapter 10

Morning Debrief

Vestibular Injuries

FSM and the Brain

Treatment Protocols for the Brain


Resonance for Neuropathic Pain

Spinal Cord Mediated Full Body Pain

Treat Cervical Trauma Fibromyalgia


Chapter 11

Open Practicum

Frequencies for Conditions Channel A

Protocols for Neuropathic Pain

Stenosis Precaution

Nutritional Support for Neuropathic Pain

Pain Syndromes with Autonomic Components

Frequency Specific Visceral Applications


Basic Visceral Strategy

Resonance for the Immune System

Resonance for the Lymphatic System

Open Practicum


Chapter 12

Resonance for the Gastrointestinal System

Resonance for the Skin and Enhanced Wound Healing

Resonance for the Endocrine System

Resonance for the Urinary System

Resonance for the Reproductive System

Resonance for the Respiratory System

Resonance for the Cardiovascular System

Frequencies for Emotional Issues

Data Disk Includes:
FSM Core Seminar Index
Presentation Slides
Presentation Handouts
FSM Certification Information
PTSD Forms
Cognitive Aspects of Vestibular Disorders
FSM Consent & Confidentiality Agreement
Manual Intravaginal Technique
Manual Technique for Prostate Massage
Pain Management Protocols
Course Evaluation (blank)