Portland Core Seminar 2020 – Module I – Pain & Injury


Portland Core Seminar 2020 – Module I – Pain & Injury

Thursday, April 2  –  Saturday, April 4, 2020

First Time Attendee – $895  |  Re-attendee – $449  |  Practitioner Assistant – $449  |  Currently Enrolled Student – $449

Included Meals with Gluten-Free Options
Morning Snack
Buffet Lunch
Afternoon Snack

Event Location:

The Heathman Lodge

7801 Northeast Greenwood Drive

Vancouver WA, 98662

(25-minute drive from the Portland Airport — hotel shuttle available)

Hotel Room Info:

The Heathman Lodge – 7801 Northeast Greenwood Drive, Vancouver WA, 98662


Group Rate $144/night +tax

Cutoff Date: Friday, March 27th, 2020


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Learn More in Less Time

The New Core 3-day Core Seminar Module schedule gives you more time to learn and take a deeper dive into each topic. There is a new section in each Module:  “how to incorporate FSM into your practice and use FSM as a tool to grow your practice.”

Module 1 – Pain and Injury – 6 Practicums 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Module 1 includes information from the first 2.5 days of the Core seminar. Course content includes protocols and cases: 

Myofascial Pain including facet and disc pain. 

Nerve Pain including pain from Ligamentous laxity, upper cervical tension headaches, treating Ehrler Danlos, neck and low back pain, Spinal cord generated muscle pain, visceral conditions causing muscle pain, Treating injuries in week 1-4, recognizing and treating shingles that masquerades as a new injury, Treating shoulder and knee pain and injuries, Treating injuries from onset to week 1. Includes Postoperative protocols for many common surgeries. Concussion protocol, Vagal tone, Emotional Frequencies and protocols for depression anxiety, grief, and low back pain. Includes all precautions and contraindications. The module includes 

Five hands-on Practicums and an Implementation Practicum on incorporating FSM into practice with suggestions on material needed, scheduling and billing. At the end of 3 days, the learner will be competent and safe to use FSM in most pain and injury conditions and will be ready to move on to Module 2 or the Advanced depending on practice focus and personal interest.

Continuing Education
We provide a copy of the daily sign-in sheet, Core Seminar completion certificate, class syllabus, and a CEU certificate of completion.
Each board in each state has different requirements.  Check with your board for your requirements.
Included Meals with Gluten-Free Options
Morning Snack
Buffet Lunch
Afternoon Snack
The Heathman Lodge

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