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Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC

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Welcome, we are finally doing an FSM and mold webinar. So buckle up. We've got an hour's worth of wonderful information that's really helpful clinically and going to tickle your brain. I think mold toxicity and FSM. So these are actually two different topics one is FSM and mold which I have some experience with and the other is mold toxicity and most of the all

Almost all of this information comes from Neal Nathan's webinar webinar Neal Nathan's Advanced course from 2015. So if you have the advanced compendium, you'll find most of this information in Neil's slides. I modified it a bit and sort of reorganized it to to suit this format and my lecture style instead of meals and my knowledge base instead.

Nails, so here we go. So the thing is why is mold a problem? We hear lots and lots of clinical stories about mold and mold infective or mold colonized patients, but why is exactly why is it such a problem? Well, it doesn't just colonize in your house any place. It's wet or wet or wet or unused an uncleaned. It doesn't just come.

Colonize your house ruin the paint spoil your food. This is penicillium aspergillus gets in that should be a u.s. Gets into peanuts and peanut butter and sunflower seeds. It colonize has not just your environment, but it can also colonize in the body of genetically susceptible people and in immune suppressed people. So one of the problems with immune imposed

Impressive drugs after transplant surgeries and in patients who are immune suppressed for various reasons, they get fungal and mold infections and in the body and that's what they die of mold toxins. So there's mold infection and mold toxins. They set off a cat and inflammatory Cascade that's characteristic of the Toxin and the mold and

About 25% of the population can't process the mold or the mold toxins and this leads to complex long-term health problems. So these are the patients that we see so when you have a patient who is referred to you for FSM for treatment for mold. This is the patient we're talking about so our own molds toxic. Well, no.

But these five are considered toxic stachybotrys is a black mold penicillium and aspergillus kaito medium and Willie Mia are toxic but less so and they're not the ones that we're going to be talking about mostly will talk about the most common molds, which is stachybotrys penicillium. Aspergillus. There's another one starts with an A.

So to study bhaturas has trike otha seen as its mycotoxin. It causes neurotoxicity. Is it an it is a neuro toxic mold causes neurotoxicity and inflammation in the nose the sinuses and the Brain respiratory symptoms include nasal irritation burning and congestion cough wheezing dyspnea chest tightness, but the CNS symptoms are characteristic of stachybotrys.

Headache irritability lightheadedness depression anxiety brain fog mental fatigue penicillium. The is the mold ochratoxin a is the mycotoxin. So this is moderately toxic highly allergenic. So, you know, lots of people that are allergic to penicillin well,

Penicillium, the mold is highly out of allergenic and ochratoxin is moderately toxic many species of penicillium produce highly toxic mycotoxins. Okra toxic a is Nefra toxic carcinogenic and immune suppressive. So the the mold toxin attacks the immune system the kidneys and because of its ability to affect so cellular communication its

Carcinogenic certain strands are neurotoxic to the cerebellum and hippocampus and cause Alzheimer's if it affects the hippocampus and if it affects the cerebellum and the basal ganglia, it causes Parkinson's so certain strains of penicillium cause liver and kidney damage liver and kidney lesions can cause chronic rhinitis sinus infections and pneumonia and we think of penicillium is that green stuff that's grows on lemons.

Has and oranges and the green stuff fuzzy stuff that grows on bread, but it's also found in carpet Furniture wallpaper books paper boxes house pants soil spoiled food and compost. So when I first started treating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients the immunologist,

Whose name just fell out of my brain. He's an immunologist and allergist told me that patients who have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia who have IGG allergenic complexes or mass cell-mediated macrophage mediated super serum sickness those patients have to redo their house and their living environment to get rid of the car.

Carpet fabric Furniture fuzzy wallpaper drapes books houseplants and composting and having Gardens is not a great idea and people who are hoarders that word paper and boxes are going to have problems aspergillus is found in food corn peanuts various other sources a lot of this you can Google rice.

Sunflower seeds and then it's a source of illness in children aflatoxin. We feed children peanut butter while our lot of peanuts in the United States that are colonized by Alpha aflatoxin and it stunts the growth. So there's children that, you know, eat nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from the time. They're 7 to the time they're 12 if they're small in stature. It could be that

They should be tested for ochratoxin and aflatoxin. So aspergillus is found in food corn peanut butter Rice sunflower seeds and that's the mold is aspergillus the mycotoxin is ochratoxin a and aflatoxin. So when the when you do the urine mold testing, they're not testing for aspergillus. They're testing for the mycotoxin.

Sometimes aspergillus is carcinogenic you can get bronchopulmonary aspergillosis by breathing in the spores from aspergillus from books and the environment any place where it's damp fever chest pain cough coughing up blood shortness of breath aspergillus sinusitis stuffy nose, runny nose headache reduced ability to smell.

And aspergillosis and ochratoxin aflatoxin can cause liver damage and even liver cancer. So these are not benign conditions these mycotoxins produce a lot of pathology cut Tom Yum is carcinogenic. I'm not even come out saying that correctly. I might be carcinogenic And teratogenic So It causes birth defects and cancer. It's toxic to the spleen liver. And kidneys Connie's are initially White.

And cottony, but as they mature they turn this grayish green they grow quickly feeding off of any materials that contain cellulose such as paper fabrics and drywall. So when you go into a house I've been into I was in a hotel in Maine. I walked in the front door my chest felt tight before I checked in. I told them I need to go downstairs and check. I know you have a swimming pool, so I went

Down into the hallway downstairs outside the pool and there on the ceiling was black mold and this kind of white fuzzy mold sort of creepy. So needless to say I didn't check in bulimia is part of household dust. It's a dry mold. It's not associated with water. It's found on Floors carpets mattresses and upholstered furniture. So the health problems caused by this Mulder mild compared by the to the ones caused by other types of mold mostly it.

Jerk reactions. Hay fever symptoms including runny nose sinus congestion pressure headaches sore throat coughing sneezing less commonly this motor mold causes Skinner wound infections, which can be serious even life-threatening if it becomes blood-borne, what's interesting about Wally Mana is that this is Wally Mia is the mold that grows in the dust that's in your house that makes you sneeze one of the things that Vince Rankin Fitch was the Immunology.

Just one of the things he told me is that fibromyalgia and mold sensitive patients have hardwood floors or tile floors and they have leather furniture. They don't have fabric furniture and they buy new mattresses every two to three years. So it's is part of household dust. It's a dry dust but what's interesting is this is the stuff that makes mold on top of your this is mold on top of maple syrup.

In jams sugary foods, like syrup and unsalted foods like fish. So these were molds that were problem when they were preserving fish by solving. We're not going to talk about these two molds. Any further everything else we're going to talk about will be the top three sick building syndrome is something you've all heard of when the mold when indoor molds grow without competition from their natural environment they can

Colonize entire structures, especially HVAC systems. So if you have heating ducts in your house, heating ducts should be cleaned and sanitized every year if you have somebody in the house that's mold sensitive or if you would like to prevent yourself from becoming mold sensitive. This is before cleaning different kinds of mold can grow inside the HVAC system anyplace where there's water.

In the drywall and nature. There's a whole bunch of molds and fungi species that keep each other and balances once the molds and fungi are sealed up in a building the toxic molds tend to Prevail and you have problems with everybody in the building feels ill or is sick difficulty with breathing chest pain.

Teague is a big one something like 57% complained of that stuffy nose, flu-like symptoms 23% runny nose, 46 percent higher education dry throat headaches.

That says heavy breathing I think so there have been building as in Portland that became sick buildings because of mold contamination and the walls from water leaks from Plumbing from improper maintenance of the ventilation systems. Once the mold gets into the walls. It spreads through all the paper and construction materials and everybody in the building. It's sick eventually those buildings.

In Portland anyway have been torn down because there's no way to detoxify them. So that's there's no way to clean them. You can't take a building down to the studs. Like you can a kitchen or a a laundry room. And the thing with mold is it doesn't just colonize the sinuses the respiratory system and the gut so you inhale the spores it likes a moist warm environment.

But that's the sinus that's your bronchi. And then if you ingest them or just by breathing and swallowing they follow the saliva down and they land in your gut and they colonize in the upper GI system once they're past the acid in the stomach and they live in the Villi in the small bowel and they tend to colonize the gallbladder the bile ducts and the small intestine.

So it colonize has the sinuses the respiratory system and the gut as an infection in it and a toxin from our perspective with FSM because we have a way of treating the vagus we think of mold as compromising and suppressing the vagus. The biggest problem is that mycotoxins create cytokines and inflammation. We're going to get into that a lot more and mold interacts with Lyme disease viral infections and bacterial infections. So

It is said that if somebody has lyme disease or Epstein-Barr they are very likely to become infected and have a mold infection or mold toxicity and you're not going to fix Lyme disease or the viral disease until you fix them old the effects and leave Vegas in the immune system lead to multiple chemical sensitivities food allergies sensitivities autoimmunity and autoimmune.

Cease and this electromagnetic dysthymia is a way of describing people that have people that have strong symptoms from electromagnetic fields. So they're the people that react when they put a smart meter on their house or when they're in a room with a computer. So because mold creates immune system sensitivity and brain

Tivity, they're more sensitive to this EMF symptoms. So look for or test for mold mold toxins symptoms sort of the first level. This is one of nails slides to take in weakness uncharacteristic anxiety or depression. It feels like your body is anxious or your body is depressed. And these are people that don't usually have anxiety or depression and it comes up unexpectedly and without

External cause muscle aches muscle cramps unusual kinds of pain ice pick or lightning zap kind of pain headaches sensitivity to Bright Light blurred vision tearing chronic sinus congestion cough chest pain shortness of breath abdominal pain irritable bowel digestive problem is secretory diarrhea. So in your customcare mode Bank, you have three protocols that are

Standardized the rest of the protocols that I'm going to put in these slides are not ones that are in the mode bank already. You're going to have to create them based on what your takeaway is from this course so mold in the sinus 97 40 and 98 20 or the Abrams frequencies for fermentated and putrefactive toxin the two frequencies. We have from old or 23 and 95 on channel a and the frontal sinus is 75 the paranasal sinuses 25. I think those are right.

36 is the ethmoid and each of those runs for four minute 5 minutes. It's alternating current and you can put the contacts over the forehead and down on the chest that would sort of help respiratory system or 23 and 95 with the trachea the vocal cords the bronchi the lungs the to sinuses and the pharynx. So the trachea the vocal cords the bronchi the

The lungs the frontal and paranasal sinus and the farex

And then molding the GI system 97 44 imitative toxin should have put in 98 20 as well 23 in the vagus the stomach the gallbladder the bile duct the small intestine the kidney the pancreas and the liver 97 40 fermentated of toxin you could put in putrefactive toxin as well but molds tend to ferment stuff.

Vagus the stomach the gallbladder the bile duct small intestine the kidney 9 is the pancreas 35 is the liver and then 97 40 again. So those are the basic protocols that we already have in the customcare Mostly because of the people that I had seen and for treating myself one of the things you probably should know is that I'm the FSM lab rat for this as well Neil Nathan pretty much saved my life was

In full pancreatic failure had reflux not so much sinus but my GI system was messed up and so is my immune system so joint pain tendonitis morning stiffness cognitive impairment difficulties with recent memory simulation of new information word finding handling numbers confusion difficulty was sustaining con concentration disorientation and what we would call brain fog. So this is why you look for more.

Old in what you would call fibromyalgia chronic fatigue patients. It's always part of the test. Especially if there's a specific time or place. They were living when these symptoms started skin is sensitive to light touch the suggest or indicate Central sensitization mood swings appetite swings night sweats and difficulty with temperature temperature regulation and we'll get to that when we talk about the

X and the hippocampus in the midbrain

Numbness tingling not anatomically means it doesn't follow a nerve or muscle vertigo metallic taste in the mouth excessive thirst frequent urination. That's a part of the effect of the mold on a th and I diuretic hormone sensitivity to static shocks. So if you're sweating and it leaves a light-filled,

Film of salt on your skin your more conductive your skin is more conductive in your more sensitive to static shocks. So when you get zapped by doorknobs light switches car handles we go to kiss somebody and you have a blue blue arc that goes from your lips to their take hormones affects testosterone and estrogen impotence and memorize or heavy periods. Those can be related to mold reflex nausea and vomiting. So this is mold.

Says these are symptoms from mold. You can't see it can be in the walls under Windows behind walls in the ceiling behind the drywall in in the laundry room under the sink under the dishwasher. If you have a refrigerator with an ice maker where the and one of those little water dispensers on the door of the the refrigerator the way they most of them come these days.

Days Every homeowners insurance agent knows claims agent knows that those things leak and when they leak you get mold behind and under the refrigerator and you can't smell it. You only find it when you when the if it gets bad enough that water comes out on the kitchen floor and you only find it when you go to move the refrigerator and you buy a new one and then you find out

To the wall behind. The refrigerator is green and black who but patients have had these symptoms which aren't related to stuffy noses in the things that we think of as being indicated of mold.

So here's the question mold patients get exposed to mold at some point, but it's like if you get an A an infection at some point your immune system kills it off you develop antibodies and you get rid of the infection. Okay, why do mold patients stay toxic? So they've had these symptoms for 15 or 20 years? Why doesn't their body get rid of the mold?

Well, it's 25 percent of the population can't make antibodies to the malls for genetically susceptible individuals 25% of the population can't make antibodies to mold. So that means with no antibodies to kill the source of the toxin. The mold has colonized.

The upper GI system the sinuses the gut and the only mechanism to eliminate the toxin from the mold. So you've got the mold Little Critters that colonize in the Villi and then you have the toxin that the mold gives off. The only mechanism to eliminate the toxin is the organic an ion transport system in the liver that secretes the toxin into the bile and the bile ducts in the liver the Bayou flows into the upper intestine.

The gallbladder if you have one the toxins are then reabsorbed so they get put into the gut but the toxins are reabsorbed by the enterohepatic circulation system and circulated back to the gallbladder. So they never get out. They never leave. So that's why patients stay toxic. They can't make antibodies and they can't excrete the toxin.

Because the mold still there and the toxin keeps getting resorbed.

So when you treat mold text toxicity, you're treating a mold toxic patient the patient may come to you with a diagnosis of mold toxins, or you may have to just figure it out because nothing else works first understand what the mold toxin is doing to the patient's body. And that's the bulk of this webinar. It's complicated but you have to see the connections between the mold toxins in the body. So the damage can be repaired.

And remove the toxins from the body and then kill the mold in the patient's body that's creating the Toxin and remove all significant exposure to the mold and the patient's environment. Well Richie Schumacher wrote the book mold Warriors in 2005 and outlined the biotoxin pathway people like Jeff. I think it's Brewer and Neil Nathan have sort of moved on from shoemakers approach in 2005, but she

Maker defined the problem is because called mole Warriors mold is treatable, but it is complicated.

Okay, biotoxin, neurotoxin. What's a toxin toxins was similar structures and wait to activate particular receptors are called ionophores. I'm not sure where that little factoid is and there I think nail was just showing off but there you go. The important part is these toxins consists of an inner water-loving hydrophilic layer system surrounded by lipophilic or fat loss.

Loving group of molecules and the size of the toxins innermost molecule is in is identical to a water molecule. Why is that important? Because it allows it to diffuse easily across membranes and move from cell to cell without entering the bloodstream. Okay. So the next slide is kind of scary. Okay, you ready? Alright, here's the scary slide. This is the biotoxin pathway that's in.

Shoemakers book so the body acquires biotoxins or toxin-producing organisms from food are water insect bites. You you name it biotoxin goes onto the surface or toll receptor and a fat cell. This causes increased cytokines increase leptons will get to that increase cytokines changes capillary function creates immune system function PSI.

So kind related symptoms. I'm going to let you read this slide, but once the leptons go up and affect the hypothalamus and the Brain it affects VIP vasoactive intestinal peptide and AVP vasopressin basically and the effect of these leptin sensitivity leptin resistance and increased levels of leptin on the brain reduce. Melanocyte stimulating hormone.

Causes sleep disturbance cross chronic pain GI problems prolonged illness basically Shoemaker ignores the Vegas because it doesn't have a way to treat it. They have drugs and and chemicals that they can use for most of these hormone related problems, but they don't think of treating the vagus prolonged illness resistant staph bacteria. That's Marc cohn's reduced antidiuretic hormone reduce sex hormones.

And changes in cortisol and ACTH levels, so

If that's this is what happens if you don't have the HLA system that allows you to make antibodies to mold. If you have the ability to make antibodies 75% of people the biotoxins are removed from the blood or by the liver or attacked by the immune system broken down excreted harmlessly and people who don't have the right immune genes the biotoxins remain in the body more or less independent.

Not like so here's the pathway the biotoxins bind to receptors called toll receptors. That's these little guys on the outside of cells and we're familiar with this on the outer layer of fat cells and other cells once they're bound they release a second messenger kinase that moves into the cell inside the cell this binds to kinases that activates nf-kappa B, which turn on

On genes for the DNA for cytokine production which leads to inflammation and we actually have a way of treating that right for being one 1640 and anything right trauma paralysis allergy reaction infection 61 mold 23 and 95 in the immune system. Just a thought mycotoxins create cytokines cytokines are peptides made by white blood cells endothelial cells.

And many other tissues so cytokines virtually every cell has a gene portion that allows it to make Express the genes to release cytokines under certain conditions. There are pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines cytokines trigger additional remain immune responses from macrophages and lymphocytes to create more inflammation. Tnf-alpha interleukin-1 be

And these are both things that we have shown that FSM can reduce with 40 and 10 in those fibromyalgia patients when we treated 40 and 10. We reduced in F Alpha and interleukin-1 be now.

Theoretically when the infection is gone, so if you can make antibodies to the Infectious agent where the infection is gone immune cells secrete anti-inflammatory cytokines and signal to the immune system. Everything's fine. Well that signal goes up through the vagus but that's another conversation but signal to the immune system that everything's fine, but biotechs of patients never get an all clear the biotoxins.

The the mold the trick to this is to understand this is the mold colonize has in the body in the sinuses in the respiratory tract in the GI system. So the mold colonize has the patience and the mold is constantly secreting biotoxins that stimulate leptin increased levels of leptin.

Creating leptin resistance in the brain and the adipose creates cytokines and inflammation and suppress the vagus all of this leads to chronic illness and we see them 3 to 5 to 10 to 12 to 20 years after the fact

So why don't antibodies clear mold and mycotoxins. This is a fairly esoteric and abbreviated discussion of a very complex system. So if you've ever taken Immunology as a college-level course, it is a 400 level course and it takes a full 10 weeks to get to all of the parts that were going to do in the next three slides, so don't

If you if you feel a little yeah, it's complicated antigen recognition and antibody formation is complicated. It happens in a lot of phases a lot of pieces. You don't just make an antibody. So first there's a dendrite cell that's like a let's say like a phagocyte. Okay, so the dendrites L will recognize this and antigen, right it will recognize the antigen. Let's say

It's a mold Spore and we're assuming that that mold spores been carried from let's say it gets in your sinuses. It gets carried by your lymphatic system by the the little cilia into the lymph and lymphatic system and it ends up in a lymph node. This dendrite cell is sitting in the lymph node and recognizes. It's like what you don't belong here and it absorbs the antigen sort of like phagocytosis it.

Gobbles it up and dismantles it.

And in

It says processes the antigen basically it dismantles it and puts the pieces in the endoplasmic reticulum and breaks it into peptides and then it destroys the antigen but it keeps the little peptides and it attaches the peptides to an HLA Dr. Lymphocyte. So this lymphocyte takes it

To T cells and the T cells take it to B cells and the B cells and the T cells make the antibodies. So it's like a three or four step process and there's lots and lots and lots of steps in between all of these but that's a short version. So here's the problem mold toxins can disrupt almost every aspect of antigen presentation HLA.

Parents can be blocked by a variety of bacteria. So the attachment of this HLA Dr. Cell can be blocked by bacterial infections. It can be in a inhibited by cytokines interleukin 10. And then the problem is that mycotoxin blocked the cells surface recognition molecules on the on the HLA, Dr. Cell.

So the mold itself interferes in genetically susceptible people 25% of the population the mold itself interferes with the ability of the immune system to create an antibody to that mold. So how would we approach that with FSM? Just getting you to think about frequencies?

The two frequencies from old 23 and 95 61 is infection. And the only frequencies we have for the immune system or 116 the immune system as a whole 114 the thymus where these T cells live, that's why they're called T-cells. They live in Matthias and then 238 is the bone marrow and we don't treat the bone marrow for increasing secretions when we only treat the bone marrow or producing inflammation of the

There's a fracture but you could try treating it for mold 2395 and infection 61.

If the antigen recognition fails and antibody formation fails, so if the antigen isn't recognized and the body doesn't create antibodies the immune system can't make antibodies that that process for fails. Then the antibodies don't form antigen won't be cleared the antigen that little mold Spore that's colonized in your

Sinuses are bronchi or your gut will relentlessly continue to stimulate cytokine formation. It stimulates inflammation. That's the first symptom antigen activation of the innate immune response will persist so the body keeps trying to kill this thing and so it keeps making cytokines to try and disable it and this dysregulated immune response creates a

Each cycle that can't heal. So from an FSM perspective the antigen continually stimulates vagal afferents. The vagus nerve has receptors in every blood vessel and in every organ and the viscera.

And your throat and your vocal cords and your bronchi, right? So the vagal afferents continually tell the brain that there's an infection the brain continually down regulates the vagus. So the vagus alerts membrane Olympic stress centers the hippocampus in the hypothalamus to the presence of infection the midbrain turns the vagus auch off.

And the lack of vehicle control of the immune system complicates the cycle. So it's not just the chronic infection. It's the fact that the Vegas is off.

What was interesting was when Neil diagnosed me with mold? We were eating lunch and he saw me taking digestive enzymes and I said I just have some problems with reflux. He said you need to come see me, so I went down to see him and you know, the vagus controls the pallet reflects. So when you open your mouth and go out on your palette goes up.

The that's controlled by the vagus and your gag reflex when you get something that touches the back of your throat or the uvula the gag reflex is vagal and he said I want you to put your finger down the back of your throat. And I said well bring that waist back as basket over here. So I don't throw up on you you said okay. So I put the wastebasket there and I could completely

Stimulate the back of my throat and I had absolutely no vagal reflex, no gag reflex at all. And that was this signal to him that he needed to go looking for mold infection. So you look for gag response you look for the pallet response and you check for the vagus being off as part of this and vagal Therapeutics are not usually part of mold.

Treatment because nobody has a way to treat it with FSM and mold and the Vegas we have a way of treating it. So what is it that that we do while you use the concussion protocol course, but to also add the frequencies from old 23 and 95 and because the vagal centers in the in the brain are basically inflamed because of the presence of the mold or the mole.

And toxins and we're not sure if 2395 does mold or mold toxins, but we know they create inflammation. So 23 and 95 and 40 in the medulla, which is where the vagus starts 23 and 95 mold and inflammation in the midbrain and 23 and 95 mold and then increased secretions and vitality in the vagus 109. Why do we do that? Because we

Em and then reduce inflammation 40 and 1 1640 in the thymus 40 and the adipose. So the toll receptors on the adipose cells are part of what stimulate left ins and cytokines or reducing inflammation in the adipose is a big piece of this and then they talk about that biotoxin pathway if we go back.

That biotoxin pathway this takes place in the hypothalamus. Well, we have a frequency for that. It's experimental but we have a frequency for it. So 534 is the hypothalamus. So this is the process so we've got this

Infection which in this case is mold Spore and we've got the toxin which creates cytokines. So either the mold or the toxin or the cytokines that are created in response to the mold on the toxin set off the vagus nerve the vagus nerve communicates with the mid brain the hypothalamus and those brain Parts sends signals down the efferent vagus nerve and stop the vagus from

Seeing the immune system. The vagus is normal function is to suppress the immune system by norepinephrine vagus itself works with acetylcholine. But the normal function of the vagus is to suppress the immune system. If you turn off the Vegas with infection stress or trauma inflammation, then the vagus stops suppressing the immune system and this chronic inflammatory cycle persists.

So if you have mold infection, normally the vagus suppresses the macrophages and when there's an infection, you don't want the macrophages suppressed. Normally the regulatory mechanisms keep the immune system under control you make antibodies you resolve the cytokines and inflammation you return to health if the Vegas gets turned off and stays off if this becomes a long-lasting cycle

Then you end up with non resolving inflammation autoimmune disease and basically fatigue and chronic illness. So this protocol I call it concussion and mold concussion on the vagus concussion mold on the vagus. You can name it whatever you want. It's not in the mode bank. It's in my personal unit, but it's not in the mode Bank use the use program on on the patient's customcare.

Our and have them use it daily until recovery and you need to recognize that this can take six months to a year to two years and the Magnetic converter is your friend magnetic converter allows them to treat themselves at night. This program takes about an hour and a half. So the converter allows them to treat themselves at night. So the short version is if the patient can make antibodies to mold they fight off the biotoxin.

And and may just have short-term reaction to mold sore throat red eyes congestion cough until the immune system can clear the mold spores if they can't make out a mummy's tomb old.

That's 25% of the population chronic illness follows because the mold toxins create constant inflammation disrupt the immune system and the neuroendocrine system and keep the vagus turned off. Okay. So here we are back to biotoxin inflammation and neurotoxicity. So the information from the original mold Spore and biotoxin that it sends out that

Interacts with the fat cells inflammation, so the fat cells create cytokines.

The cytokines from the fat cells causes the fat cells to make more leptin leptin. It turns out is both a hormone and a cytokine that crosses the blood-brain barrier. It is found in the cerebrospinal fluid and it is the brain left and affects the neuroendocrine and the immune system because it acts like a hormone and a cytokine leptin receptors become resistance as leptin increases. So it's like

The more the leptin yells at them The receptors become resistant part because the inflammation leptin resistance leads to obesity that doesn't respond to diet and exercise and the fat cells because they are no leptin resistant. They keep creating more lipton's it is a vicious cycle by any definition left and activates neurons in the hypothalamus that regulate Milano Courtney and that is melanocytes stimulating hormone and we'll talk

More about that. Well an aside stimulating hormone isn't just about skin color.

It's a lot more as a lot wider effect in that leptin resistant bio toxic paint patients can't make enough msh. And msh. Melanocytes stimulating hormone is a source of normal regulation of nerve hormone and immune function. So as you think about FSM inflammation and lupton's we don't have a frequency for leptin receptor. We don't have a frequency to neutral.

Leptons and you really couldn't neutralize lipton's anyway, because it's not just one thing but we do have a way to control the inflammation that causes the increase in lupton's 40 and 116 and 40 and 114. We know that these are time dependent if you are a mouse, it was four minutes. So I figure people are big my siren them eight minutes 40 and 97 because leptin is a hormone and a cytokine.

Oh, it's inflammatory and it acts like a hormone but it creates inflammation in the adipose. So treat inflammation and they adipose. We have a frequency for that 40 on n97 on be that would run for about 20 minutes insulin resistance protocol. We have that we know that that affects insulin resistance which suggests that it has something to do with fat and it does treat the adipose for toxicity and in

Summation then you treat inflammation in the midbrain the medulla the hypothalamus the pituitary and the pars intermedia, which is the part between the anterior and posterior pituitary that senses hormone levels and then mold 23 and 95 in the immune system. The thymus the adipose the midbrain the Mandela the hypothalamus the pituitary and the pars intermedia.

Ow, so the mold

Affects all of this. So the mold toxin, I think 2395 have more to do with mold toxin than they do with mold spores. I don't think FSM is complicated or high enough frequencies to to actually kill a biological organism. So leptons don't just affect weight and appetite so the mesolimbic dopamine system the brain stem the hypothalamus energy home.

No stasis

So how much food do you need or want? How much exercise do you need or want? How much energy do you use to do what you do the cortex and hippocampus and that affects cognitive function and choices. So leptin is a is a pervasive neurotransmitter.

Or hormone

So we're back to this. This is the big so if you can make antibodies you're cool. But if you're an HLA susceptible patient, the left ins affect the capillaries and increased cytokines and inflammation, which causes vascular inflammation immune system symptoms cytokine related symptoms. I'll leave you to read this and kneels in this slide or an eel slides Kevin, I'll be sending you the slides.

So patients with certain Edge until I genotypes May develop inappropriate immunity. Most common are antibodies to myelin basic protein gliadin, which is like glucose gluten that affects digestion and cardiolipin means which affect blood clotting and then there's a complicated immune system caught part of this cytokine related symptoms high levels of cytokines produced flu-like symptoms.

Headaches muscle aches leptin receptors effect base vasoactive intestinal peptide ATP produced ADH reduces levels of antidiuretic hormone Leading The Thirst frequent urination and susceptibility to shocks from static electricity because that salt that accumulates on your skin reduce sex hormones. So sometimes you'll see a patient with reduced levels of testosterone as a female or male.

Male and reduced levels of progesterone so they have heavy periods impotence hair loss various hormonal effects and then changes in cortisol and ACTH levels. So here's the trick here y here is why msh is such problem leptons are cytokines that cruise across the blood-brain barrier looking for a compatible receptor there inflammatory, but they're also

Hormones, so they have that lipid component to them that makes them bind to nerve cells easily leptons bind to the hypothalamus in the proo. PO. Melona melanic Orton pathway.

Which controls production of alpha melanocytes stimulating hormone now? Why do we know that word Pro opium Alana Court? Well, when we have the cytokine data ACTH went up but it wasn't a stress response ACTH one up because endorphins went up so when a patient gets stoned when we're running a protocol on them. We know the endorphins are going up one order for endorphins to go up.

Grow opium Alana court and has to go up and ACTH goes up. So this Pro opium Alana court and pathway begins with leptin that is made by Apple sites. So and pro. Oh po so pre and orphans msh. Melanocytes stimulating hormone and ACTH. So what is msh functions? I always thought of melanocytes is having to do with what

Color your skin got to be when you got sent and and most of the references you're going to find on the internet have to do with skin but msh melanocytes stimulating hormone controls melatonin and endorphin production. It regulates cytokine Pathways. It regulates pituitary function including effects on the thyroid cortisol adrenals with through ACTH gonadotropins in a th the adrenals wrote burn out once

Once the ACTH goes up and then drops the adrenals burnout cortisol drops low androgens and men and women ath drops. They lose free water. They dehydrate the salt on the skin makes them sensitive to Sparks and this regulates the other thing that msh does regulates protective cytokine responses in the skin. So that's where the skin color comes from, but it also regulates protective.

I'm responses in the GI tract nasal mucus membranes and the lungs and when msh goes down they get leaky gut and anti-gliadin antibodies. So this this autoimmune Cascade leads to anti-gliadin antibodies, which kind of act like, you act like you're Celiac but you're not and we can use FSM to compensate by running 40 and 116 treating the end organ problems.

Lidia leaky gut and the IBS protocols so think about FSM in the brain and melanocytes stimulating hormone reduces inflammation 40 and 116 treat the effects of mold on the brain and endocrine organs the hypothalamus the pituitary the adrenals the ovaries and the thyroid treat the organs of detoxification the liver once again mold inflammation in the liver the gallbladder bile duct.

Duct the lymphatics the kidney the small intestine the large intestine and the skin so help the detoxification organs get rid of it Lowman msh causes reduces a white blood cells ability to fight infection. So patients tend to have more infections and they last longer reduces resistance to nose and sinus infections. So you've heard about Marc cohn's

It's a multiple antibiotic resistant coagulase negative negative staphylococci colonizes the sinuses and it has to be eliminated for msh recover low msh decreases endorphin production magnifying the perception of pain which is why a lot of mold patients end up being fibromyalgia patients and use FSM to compensate. How is that forty and eighty nine forty and 10 concussion plus sleep plus vagus and then you add 23 and 90

Five to each tissue that's treated in any of these protocols so you can take almost any protocol in your mode bank and modify it to include treating mold.

Vasoactive intestinal peptide is inhibited by mold infections. It's a narrow immune modulator down-regulate cytokines restores the balance of vitamin D decreases room and taste upregulation that's caused by cytokines and VIP. If you if you need to have it replaced you you can use it's a prescription nasal spray, but it has to be prescribed after the mold is under control.

Mark chronic colonization with mold and Mark on suppresses the vagus chronic cytokine production suppresses, the vagus creates immune dysfunction and auto antibodies. So here we are with the anti-gliadin antibodies similar to celiac disease. They have antibodies to wheat gluten and amylose almost anything with sugar in it anti cardiolipin out antibodies. It's like Lupus anticoagulant or phospholipids lipid.

Bodies and myelin basic protein antibodies. So these are the patients that show up with something that looks like a mess but it is an MS. And that's the other place you go looking for mold.

Fsm old and the Vegas this is that same slide that I have before anything. You want to read by Kevin Tracy would be useful.

So how do you diagnose bio toxic mold illness most of us are not MediCal Physicians. A lot of us are non prescribers. So we need to have

Diagnostic procedures that we can do and we can order and Therapeutics we can do it in order. So visual contrast sensitivity is not invasive. It is evaluates the neurologic function of the optic nerve it evaluates inflammation and impaired circulation of the capillaries in the retina and the rods of the of the retina it eliminates.

Near far color motion and peripheral vision variables and the EPA uses it for screening and monitoring progress in mold. So you can look this up visual contrast sensitivity. There is a company that does visual contrast sensitivity testing on the internet VCS test.com visual contrasts of its sensitivity test and that's what the testing looks like you get a report back and it's really quite accurate. So this

Before and after treatment and it just it's really clear-cut. So this is the data and it's just really clear-cut so non cases cases before treatment. This is after treatment.

You're a mold toxin testing for both diagnosing and testing progress. I use real-time Laboratories as never another company called Great Plains, but I haven't had really good luck with them. So I use real-time. If you want to you can send map samples and see which one matches the patient's symptoms. I use real-time because they match the patient's symptoms. So they test for the toxin in the Europe. So ochratoxin a

The toxin glia toxin is those anti-gliadin antibodies in the gut and try caught the scene in the and there's this is an actual patient. He had all four antibodies Neil treated him and this is all for antibodies gone or mold toxins all for molds present toxins present all for mol mold toxins gone.

And these are three years apart. So the treatment took about three years shoemakers recommends lab testing. It is incredibly expensive. It was about $2,500 doesn't really change the Therapeutics but it does indicate the severity of the disease use if the patient can afford it. It's not covered by insurance. It's not standard of care, but in the mold world if the symptoms are severe

Upset you need that information to know what you need to treat you can do these you can test VIPs see for a tgf-beta VG V EG F and all of these you can find in Neil's lecture.

Now, how do you treat it? So FSM we've been covering as we go. But the first thing you need to do is bind the toxins and get them out. So cholestyramine is a prescription product. It's you start with like half a quarter of a teaspoon or a quarter of a scoop once a day work up to one scoop four times a day over about two to three months. You'll still have to adjust side effects that come with it heartburn and constipation.

To Patient while collars of is a capsule or a tablet version of co-star mean that's better tolerated coral color star means kind of gritty while College nice. It's just really expensive start slow one cap capsule or tablet per day and then progress to 1/3 times a day. I never could afford well call it was like my copay was $300. I think maybe it's come down now then Biden did detoxified the toxins.

In the gut so take together between meals chlorella clay and charcoal you want phosphatidylcholine to help activate the vagus and L glutathione to help pull the toxins out of the tissues and then essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation. So that's the short version minders. Try caucusing from aflatoxin stachybotrys and aflatoxin from stachybotrys and aspergillus the best binders are charcoal clay and chlorella. These are over the

Louder so almost anybody that's listening to this webinar could recommend charcoal clay and chlorella. I found them at local Nutritional Center starts slow one dose and then increase every 3 to 4 days. So one capsule of charcoal one capsule of clay one little chlorella pill take together between meals if you take too much. So the first time

I'm Neil prescribed chlorella for me the package said to take 15 Neil said to take three I took five and within three days so I took five pills once a day within three days. I was so agitated and anxious. I couldn't stand myself. I called Neil. He scolded me appropriately. I went off the chlorella for three days came back to normal and then took one a day for three days and then went to 2 and then 1 2 3. So these have to be when you start binding the

Actions you can have some side effects ochratoxin from aspergillus and penicillium cholestyramine is that's prescription and while collars that that's prescription 625 milligram capsules since most people have multiple moles. It's a good idea to use the low dose OTC binders first for two to three weeks and then add the prescription binders. Don't go after it all at one time. This is really really really important.

Want to take this slow patients are really sick. And when you start changing the environment, there's held away. They they get they get worse and get sick and that Spooks them and then it's hard to get them to go back and work on it again. So take it easy take it slow. It's better that they expect a long course of treatment. This is a six months a two-year project depending on how sick they are and where they're living.

So go slow and it is successful when they don't have side effects. So Michael toxin treatment, that's the next step kill the colonization. So you treat the nasal vowel biofilm and Marc cohn's with beg spray. It's me Pearson EDTA Gentamicin or amphitheaters and B. You can also use Ketoconazole in that nasal spray and vetericyn be is not absorbed so they don't

Use it orally from mold or fungal infections anymore, but you can't use it and the sinuses Nystatin can be chewed or put in the Sun as spray. Argentan 23 is a good nasal spray. There's nothing that's not sensitive to Silver. Nothing that's resistant to Silver. You can also form archons. They he was using Rifampin 600 milligrams a day and Zithromax. I didn't have Mark on so

The five my life treat them old colonization of the GI tract have to treat the biofilm with interface Plus or whatever you use is a biofilm buster and then treat them old directly. I was on the intercom is all for about two years a hundred milligrams once a week to start I ended up with one every night at bedtime for about two years Kiedis. Kanazawa. There's a black box warning with Ketoconazole when it's used orally but was okay as an

It'll spray limit carbohydrates. We use fluconazole for candida and thrush and then avoid re-exposure. And actually that's the biggest problem is the remediation is incredibly expensive and the patient might have to move or sell their house. I just was able to remediate mine Neil Neil has is 215 2015 mold Workshop. There's a lot more in there and it's presented in a different way than I

In here, so if you like that kind of detail, I suggest his book toxin toxic or that Workshop. So testing the home for mold is complicated. You can tell mold mold plate. So you take these little gel agar plates. There's special ones designed for mold place up to six plates in the home. I put one on the stairs. I had carpeted stairs put two in my bathroom.

To in my bedroom to in the dining room. I put them all over the house and you take the cap off. Let it sit for two hours replace the cap tape them up send them to the lab after I got the mold plate test back. I had the carpet removed from the stairs and had the stairs made into hardwood carpet in the dining room in the family room. We got rid of that the next year as well because there was mold by the backdoor any place that it gets wet. So people come in

The house with with moisture on their feet on the shoes anyplace where there's dampness. You'll get mold any place you have carpet. You have mold some mold plays are me testing as a as a dust cloth. You don't dust for I think a week or two and then you dust in a room or several rooms. You send it to the lab. They tell you what the mold content is.

Environmental mold index values you can hire an independent environmental engineer, but make sure that he's certified and not just selling you some air purifier. They will check moisture levels and walls in the floor. They'll Test air quality the challenge that you have with that is it stachybotrys doesn't make spores. So the stachybotrys that was in my house did not show up in the plates. It did not show up in the air quality samples. So stachybotrys is has to have a

Sample, so you have to see the black mold and if it's under the dishwasher or up in the beams behind the ceiling or behind the drywall or behind the wainscoting next to the washer or under the sink? It's stachybotrys has is hard to find you actually need to have a physical sample of it that you send to the lamb remediation can be expensive I can attest to that but on the other hand I didn't have to sell my house and I'm not dead and it has

To be complete and detailed. So first we got rid of all the carpet and then we remediated we found the mold in in the laundry room behind the wainscoting and that was a huge project was there was black mold all in the drywall under the floor into the guest half bathroom. That was the one that made me really sick. The first mold exposure was two thousand fourteen or fifteen and the

Our leaked upstairs. We have black mold in the ceiling in the dining room. We got that remediated then two years later after Neil started treating me we found the mold in the laundry room and I was traveling a lot. So once that was fixed, I felt pretty good. But know what I noticed was any time I came home within three days. I started feeling just tired just fatigued and Neil said you still have mold I do not. Yes you do.

So finally the but after a year and a half of dealing with this, we remodeled the kitchen because the kitchen and that laundry room right next to each other and they're behind the cupboards where the water had wikked through from the laundry room. There was black mold under the dishwasher still and there was mold water that had waked up a beam and there was a beam with black.

That clear up to the ceiling behind the cabinets and that was enough to make me sick. So we remodeled the kitchen. They took out all of the wood that had any black continent and that was quite a project. So sometimes it's just easier to move most insurance companies. Don't cover it.

So be careful be thorough be compassionate mold sensitive patients of their own best guide as to which buildings are safe and which ones are not so I get lots of offers to come stay at my house. And I don't I take my own killer to hotels I only stay in hotels that don't have in wall air conditioners and I don't stay in anybody's house. I prefer hotels that have hardwood floors.

Floors and in general hotels are cleaned all the time, but I can walk into a hotel room and smell mold or feel ill within two or three hours and I will ask to change rooms or change hotels. It's the patient's once your sensitized you are always sensitive don't ignore your own perceptions or their perception. So a patient appears worse.

Pay attention to it if they appear feverish or hot or inflamed pay attention to it. Nobody else in the family may be sick and they may not have the same genetic or immune system composition as the patient person that your patient even if you're not affected by your environment genetically sensitivity susceptible patients are so members the family aren't sick, but they have one child that is sick or the mom is sick and not the dad. There's

Thing psychological about mold toxicity it's real and it can be very incapacitating the weirdest symptom from the black mold in the laundry room was intense anxiety and depression. I don't do anxiety and I don't do depression and it was like my body was anxious and that was all the leptons and cytokines. So it's got psychological consequences, but it's not in their head. It's in the body.

D so resources, this is Nails book toxic heal your body from Old Lyme multiple counts of chemical sensitivities and environmental illness surviving mold.com is good resource and his biotoxin will Workshop from the 2015 Advanced. So what's coming up forever Sam is the neuro visceral module dated most Nick and I will be doing that November 6th 7th and 8th. It's a three day and it's like

I just love this. It's what the core seminar should have been same thing with the five five day comprehensive core. It will be done as a live stream and on video. It's when we should have gone to San Francisco. Nobody's going anywhere for a while. We use do practicum patient demonstrations live during the live stream and the cameraman picks those up with some details. So it's actually easier to see what it is. It's going on if you haven't taken the

Course seminar, and I don't know two three years even five years ten years.

The five-day comprehensive is worth getting on live streamers video. It's it is my favorite. It's what the what the court should have been forever. I just love it and it's it's what I so I want what I want everybody to learn. We are hoping to do the advanced and Symposium and Phoenix a lot of this is just unknowable right now. The plan is for us to be in person with up to a hundred people in a ballroom.

Designed for 300 will be at the Crowne Plaza in San Marcos and near Phoenix will do the five day course seminar. I'll do that one the comprehensive core from the 17th of the 21st. Can Pettis is going to do the FSM Sports course and then February the 22nd and 23rd 24th. She's going to do the sports master's class masks and social distancing. The classes will be limited in size. So if you're interested in taking these or if you know somebody that wants to take them.

Be sure and sign up early the advanced course new frequencies new treatment strategies expert workshops. I'm so excited Neil. Nathan is coming. He'll do a 90-minute workshop. Mary Ellen. Thomas is going to do a workshop on head and neck face and jaw pain demartino and Kim Pettis those expert workshops. They will be either in person Neil is going to become on as a video and I think Mary Ellen will to give them the third Northern

Don't believe they're going to be traveling. So we will have limited in person a hundred people 6-foot the ballroom is going to be set up with people six feet apart mass will be required. The food is safely served. They figured out how to do that this hotel survive the lockdown and we'll do it as a live stream. So we already have the videographers set up the Symposium this year. I'm really excited about and really bummed about the pandemic, but we carry on Jim.

Roschmann Jerry Pollock Jim Turner, John Sharky, these people will be videotaping their lectures will have practitioner case reports. Some practitioners will be able to come in person presenters will be in video or not in person limited in person 100 maximum in that room 6 feet apart masks food safely served and we'll be doing it live stream. We already have the video crew.

Contracted for that and then with any luck, we'll do an instructor training on March 1st with so many of the courses being done is livestream. Our instructors have been the key to keeping FSM training going. So here we are changing medicine one patient at a time. The people that are treating mold heroically in their practices have a missing piece. They don't treat the vagus.

Ritchie Shoemaker doesn't know how to treat the vagus but you do you have frequencies that can reduce inflammation directly change the gut directly change the brain directly and re-engage the vagus directly. I had my gag reflex back in two weeks.

So that says something about something changing patients lives one practitioner at a time. There's no no a hundred and forty people here live. There's 500 people signed up for this webinar. So everybody that's watching this and uses this information to treat a patient is going to change somebody's life and then changing even ones one patient's life can change the world. So that is what we're here for and I hope you had a good time.

Have QA with questions, so gag reflex. What if it's hyper, why would the gag reflex be hypersensitive? Well, it means the vagus is working real. Well, I'm not sure I know that mold makes it go off and mold and chronic infection makes the vagus downregulated.

So I would imagine that I guess your vagus just works really. Well. I'm not sure Terry Terry Farrell. Yes, you do need to listen to it again and again and again that you get a copy of the webinar you get a link and that link is good for a year. The lynx good for your and then we put a copy of the webinar on our website or on the YouTube page. Okay. So there's going to be a copy of this on the website indefinitely and I think you can download it to

Yes, that's the only way I ever learn anything is by listening to it over and over and over again until it's just sunk into my brain. So I learned to Cardiology. Okay, Kevin's going to post the audio if you just want to walk around and listen to it. I Dale I don't use the th two frequencies in the th one frequencies because I don't understand that system well enough and just on the off chance that they actually work because they were developed by muscle testing and dowsed.

And then I don't know how you would verify that they work that's been my problem with them. We've had those frequencies for 20 years, and I don't know how you'd verify that they're working.

Saito detox do I know anything? That's Saito detox? No, actually.

Alyssa Debbie patient urine test levels reveal extreme old

Would it be okay to treat with f is him two or three times a day or the speed too much. I would if the the tests reveal extreme old, I'd start them on a really low dose of the binder like half of a chlorella and half of a clay and half of the charcoal start them on binders and I would start with the FSM protocol once a day like treating mold patient slowly is like a thing. It's it

It's attacking the minders of the biggest health and then the cytotoxins the mold the critters the medications that kill the mold those come later but you start binding them the mycotoxins first and then X they get excreted Debbie Mole talks and cause sleep apnea. I don't know but sleep apnea is fatal. So if somebody has sleep apnea they belong on a seat.

Pap we do not treat fatal conditions.

With FSM so we don't treat sleep apnea. Whatever some treat sleep apnea gets treated with a CPAP are almost toxic Terry the ones that were dealing with are stachybotrys penicillium and aspergillus. Those are the mycotoxins that real-time test for aflatoxin ochratoxin. Try catha scenes and glia toxin.

Um, there are some molds that are never a problem even for the compromised. Yeah, so there are a lot of non toxic molds. But those those three other ones that we see are gallbladder polyps caused by mold toxicity.

They could be I don't know I would just tests urine from old. Thanks. Terry Lyme disease with mold.

And if they have Lyme disease with mold, the thing is you've got to get rid of the mold first and I use 40 with Lyme patients all the time. It's like you have to get the cytokines down do mold toxins. Cause snoring no sleep apnea to cause a snoring get a CPAP.

Amy Richard ayami. Oh and he says, thank you Kevin.

Star people daily treatments. So the thing I know about mold is because I was a patient. I was really really sick for quite a few years and Neal figured it out. I got increasingly ill starting in about nineteen ninety-eight ninety-seven when my clinic got contaminated and that's what I got the black mold first and then my house in Portland got moldy, and then I moved up here to a nun moldy house.

Actually recovered without treatment figured out that the mold in the house in Portland was problem and then encountered nail and did that so I just know how Neil treated me so I was put on binders first and then after about a month I was put on intercom has all and Ketoconazole and the nasal spray. I didn't have Marc cohn's which is nice. Actually. I was on Zithromax on and off all the time. So

If we figured the mark comes was gone, and then I treated myself every day with FSM. So this started six years ago and my negative mold test was in 2017. So the positive mold test were in 1514.

How do you handle more patients that are frequency sensitive? I'm not sure what frequency sensitive are. What does that mean? So they get really stoned or what if they react badly to a frequency it's oftentimes because you've picked the wrong thing, so

I don't I don't know what that means Donna how do you handle mold patients that are frequency sensitive. I treat them with things that make them stoned and tell them that's normal. I guess if they have a bad reaction the next day, I guess that's what you mean then maybe oh, it causes them.

Fsm causes a muscle pain that means you need to do 40 and 10. I've never had anybody that reacted that way.

If somebody if you treat somebody with anything and it increases their muscle pain there 40 and 10 patient and my world.

Or 81 and 10 either one depends on whether they have tone or pain.

That's really interesting email about that that many of the mold patients. I treat have tick-borne disease you and Neil Nathan both Cuban concerns about 40 and 116.

If they're under daunting antimicrobial treatment, no the thing with with lime and tick illness is unless you get rid of the mold. The tick-borne disease is not going to go away. That's that is pretty well-known. It's pretty well established. As far as I can tell do you find the frequencies to be diagnostic if somebody has symptoms you suspect a related to mold and 123 and 95. You don't see Improvement in symptoms, but you might get

Get tissue softening. So you might feel this machinist. So that is one way of telling this is this is not a quick fix folks. This is Neil treated me for two three years and I had a John section that kept my sinuses infected so I had bone infection. So I had an anaerobic infection biofilm mold biofilm and that was a three-year project. So

Yes, Cola styrene is a binder. You're welcome, Terry and

I practiced freaking saying ecology release. Okay. Oh, what is the name of that Deb? Gradin? What is the name of that that technique? They tried it on me. It didn't work. I can't remember.

Anyway, you exposed to mold mycotoxins bio radio waves. What I do with FSM is weird enough. I'm not sure about how to do that. But no glad you're adding FSM to it. See if it helps Saito. Detox is a liposomal zeolite binder biotoxin binder from cell core.

Helpful, stachybotrys is a tough one. It's a neurotoxin. So the first thing it does is paralyzed the immune system and the vagus. Yes. What a CPAP mask be susceptible to mold contamination. Yes, exactly. That's part of the problem is sometimes mold patients get sleep apnea and I've seen mold patients who sleep app whose CPAP they didn't keep it clean.

Lean, so the directions for cleaning the CPAP and changing the filters, especially if you're using a humidifier is they get moldy. So yeah black mold in your CPAP is a bad thing. Just sort of inhale that stachybotrys right under your sinuses. Yes. CPAP mask is susceptible. The whole CPAP unit is mold cause Jaws shoes mole causes sinus issues and that can cause jaw pain Joy.


John affection for me. I had root canals in the upper jaw and they were infected in the bone and that's eight through the floor and sinus but no mold causes sinus stuff and that can cause dry issues or make it feel like it's in the job a RT specific to Boston. Okay, Terry written for I was putting micronized silver in my water tank in my CPAP and then it

I started making my lungs feel funny and then I wrote some stuff about silver not being good inhale. So I stopped doing that. I've never seen a herc's reaction. Yeah, I haven't the frequencies or I think dealing with the toxins because 23 is the same frequency that we use for typhoid, right and polio. So it's got to be dealing somehow with the mycotoxin and how it interacts with the receptor. So yeah, I've never seen a hurts reaction. We're not going to be killing.

The Critter MF sensitive person complains of vibration sensation constantly got worse after 40 and 10 Maryland try forty and eighty nine vibration sensation. Also, maybe try 81 and 10. So 40 and 10 makes it worse 81 and 10 will usually make it better. So you check their adductors and quadriceps for just tone and I would try 81 in 10 Michelle Green Home Solutions is excellent at RIT.

Mediation I called two or three different companies one guy basically was a he used to be a an auto mechanic then he started selling air filters and that's he had a weekend training and that's what he know about mold. And he just wanted to send me an elf. Send me an sell me an air filter. So that was that was no go. So I interviewed two or three other mold remediation companies and settled on a

One that was a plumber in his previous life and who was certified by yeah some sort of EPA training. So some companies have have created a chain that specializes in mold remediations insurance companies have become really skeptical about this which is why they don't cover mold.

So it's yeah, the remediation is a whole different kind of conversation. Who is this Joe? Okay, rebalancing the I'll just do the basics 116 and and 114. I'd leave th1 and th2 alone and then fix them why they're out of balance the best way to fix the immune system and balancing in system is to treat the vagus and let the vagus handle it the

Kept the immune system is so incredibly complicated the concept that we think we can intervene with a particular part of it and balance. It is arrogance the word that comes to mind hubris. You're not going to get away with it was just no way it's too complicated. So I would

Treat the cause find the infection treat that balance the vagus treat the vagus concussion in Vegas and let the Vegas sorted out.

Yeah, frequencies that support very sensitive patients react to food supplements medication while I fi treat the vagus hypersensitivity seems to be thought of as yeah limbic system dysfunction Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Massa activation syndromes c-bro dysbiosis limbic system dysfunction all goes back to the Vegas and the Pegasus turned off by infection stress and Trauma. So that's the biggest Workshop interference. Peels old scars injuries. Yeah.

That's a clean heart thing. So, yeah, you could trip scarring and patient's fibrosis. I don't inject lidocaine and scars. So it's kind of not my thing, but I treat FSM the other thing you can try is treating scarring in the vagus FSM for the vagus PTSD and mold.

Dynamic neural retraining one our commitment a day for several months. Really? Oh, yeah, let me system impairment concussion and vagus just peace cake. It's like it's kind of magic. Is there an ideal time to introduce FSM from old? Yeah day one antifungals. Yeah. It's the they can't use direct antifungals. You have the binders you have to start.

Really really really slow. I've never had a problem with my crime. I treated myself whether starting day one. I made myself sick with the binders by taking three five instead of three, but I never made myself sick with FSM Target have some would be directed by the patient's symptoms. Yes is the value in supporting the organs of detox? Yep trauma paralysis allergy reaction. Gallbladder vagus bile duct, not black.

Either kidney I would guess the midbrain midbrain, especially and the cortex and they don't accumulate the toxins is that the toxins create a cycle that creates inflammation in those targets and the mold itself collects in the gallbladder the bile duct then the mycotoxins get excreted in the bile.

Gallbladder the gut the kidney bile duct gallbladder. Oh, yeah, definitely treat the bile ducts and gallbladder for Mohawks and an inflammation. So good questions you guys. Well, I'll look for a probably present this at the advanced. It sounds like I should and I'll clean it up a little bit make it a little more relevant. It was great seeing everybody or hearing from everybody and I will see you next time. Take care. Bye.

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