The Core Seminar covers basic microcurrent information and the use of specific frequencies and protocols thought to address specific tissues and conditions based on the principles of bio-resonance. The first part of the course focuses on the frequencies and protocols used to treat chronic myofascial pain, new injuries, and injuries less than six weeks old, discogenic pain, post-concussive syndrome and neuropathic pain. The third day of the course focuses on the frequencies needed to treat visceral conditions and functional medicine applications.

Discount Pricing

Repeat Attendee
– Many of our students attend the Core Seminar several times to stay current.  If you are a previous seminar participant, you are eligible for a discount for Core seminars.

– If you are currently enrolled as a student in a degree program, you are also eligible for a discount for Core seminars. 

Practitioner Assistant – If you are a practitioner and would like to bring an assistant to the seminar, they are eligible for a discount for Core Seminars.  The physician must be registered at the attendee rate or have previously attended a core seminar.

*Multiple discounts do not apply.  Promo discounts only applicable to full price seminars.

  • Salt Lake City Skyline

    Denver Core – July 2017

    Jul 14 2017 to Jul 16 2017
    Denver, CO $595.00$1,195.00
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  • jacksonville-florida-fences

    Jacksonville Core – September 2017

    Sep 21 2017 to Sep 24 2017
    Jacksonville, FL $595.00$1,195.00
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  • Microcurrent Chicago

    Chicago Core – October 2017

    Oct 26 2017 to Oct 29 2017
    Chicago, IL $595.00$1,195.00
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    Germany Core | December 2017

    Dec 1 2017 to Dec 4 2017
    Nuremberg, Germany $595.00$1,195.00
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    Core Seminar DVD

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Advanced Seminar Requirements: In order to enroll in the Advanced seminar, we need to validate that you have taken a Core seminar. 

If you have trouble with any of these items, please call our seminar office at 877-695-7500.

These seminars are intended for healthcare practitioners.


    Germany Advanced | December 2017

    Dec 9 2017 to Dec 10 2017
    Nuremberg, Germany $550.00$595.00
    For core customers only.
  • 2015 Advanced CD Label

    2016 Advanced Seminar CD

    For core customers only.