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SIBO and FSM – February 2021 Webinar – Transcript

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[00:00:00] Hello, welcome to the SIBO webinar. It’s really good to see everybody SIBO is a topic. We haven’t covered in before and I did this workshop for Allison sigh Becker’s SIBO Congress or conference that was sort of Nationwide and we talked about FSM NC bowed to a group who was used to

[00:00:30] Treating SIBO without FSM so some of these slides will be maybe less appropriate for you than it would have been for them explaining what FSM does and how it does it but what I found out talking to Nature pass and experts and SIBO last year sometime was that it was not unusual or unexpected to for it to take 5-10.

[00:01:00] Is for SIBO to resolve and I’d never had any trouble getting it to resolve in three months. So I didn’t understand it until we started talking about what their idea about CBO was and then I actually treated Allison Sy Becker is an as a patient and we’ve already disclosed as in videos that we’ve shown before but she had food poisoning when she was six years old.

[00:01:29] Old and she had SIBO from the age of 6 to the age of 48. So what is that 42 years and

[00:01:39] Took about three or four months one round of antibiotics and pretty much done. So that’s how my involvement was SIBO came to be. So let’s just look at it. It should make you better at diagnosing SIBO knowing what it is how it works and how to use FSM. So how exactly does

[00:02:09] Fsm help SIBO. Well part of the problem with SIBO. Is that small bowel Integrity leaky gut.  leaky gut basically and the health of the small bowel is compromised. So we help repair that with current and frequencies. We can reduce cytokines and inflammation directly reduce bloating and pain quiet Central sensitization and normalize vagus.

[00:02:39] Action, which will normalize gut pH gut motility sphincter function which will help normalize bacteria and quiet immune system hyperactivity and reduce sensitivities and allergies. So that’s how SIBO and FSM ER kind of made for each other. It’s kind of a slam dunk.

[00:03:04] So

[00:03:07] What I ask this group of SIBO experts was what would happen to the treatment of SIBO? If you could reduce inflammation normalize immune activation reduce stress and Central One Central sensitization activate the vagus nerve balance autonomic function increase ATP by 500% quickly without drugs, and there’s pretty reasonable.

[00:03:37] The action and some data so for a group of MDS and nature paths that are data-driven this slide alone is

[00:03:54] What would so what would the word be sort of in your face? It’s sort of like this is not possible. So we’ve been doing that with FSM for 20 years with frequencies in microcurrent. So increasing ATP production is like a no-brainer, right? It’s what the current does by itself as long as the current is below 500 microamps increases ATP production by 500 percent.

[00:04:22] Above 500 microamps ATP is reduced it activates signal transduction increases protein synthesis increases amino acid transport and there are these three papers and you’ll find them on the website frequency backslash papers. So inflammation impairs function in the gut in everything, so the ideal anti-inflammatory would reduce life oxygenase and

[00:04:52] And cyclooxygenase inflammation dramatically quickly, but temporarily because you don’t want and said side effects stop in the normal range be an expensive non-invasive available and FDA-approved. Well, frequency specific microcurrent. The frequencies the FDA doesn’t have a comment about right. So the frequencies are not anything that the FDA has

[00:05:22] Opinion about but we have blinded animal research that showed us 62 percent reduction in life oxygenation mediated inflammation 30% reduction in cocks mediated inflammation, which is equivalent to injectable Toradol all of the animals responded and I think this trial was done with 20 careless – from the same genetic line. So for minute time-dependent response Placebo control was here.

[00:05:52] Here and 40 and 116 is the frequency that reduced.

[00:05:59] Life oxygen a is mediated inflammation and cyclooxygenase mediated information. So the original 10 trial on 10 mice was 70% reduction and the next day Vivian came back in and

[00:06:22] Moved everybody into separate rooms. So everybody involved in this trial was

[00:06:29] Blinded and it still worked and I have not in 20 years been able to get anybody to publish it but that’s a different conversation. So inflammation interferes with gut and brain function and this is a problem not only for SIBO but for the brain fog and all of the other symptoms that come with SIBO and other GI changes and

[00:07:00] Cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer, ‘s and all of the other things were inflammation affects the brain and we’ll talk about that at the advanced which is coming up very soon. So the ideal anti-inflammatory would reduce 10 F Alpha on the other side of Kinds dramatically quickly temporarily keep cytokines in the normal range. You don’t want them to draw below be inexpensive non-invasive available and

[00:07:29] Approved at least in the sense that the devices are approved for the treatment of pain and we have a published paper that says the frequencies do this thing. You’re familiar with this paper because we talked about it so many times. This is the fibromyalgia from spine trauma on paper 54 consecutive fibro patients about nine and a half years chronic blood sample data on a subset of six-page.

[00:07:59] Once it was done it and IH and there was only one frequency combination that was effective to reduce pain and the cytokines and those frequencies were 40 Hertz some Channel Aid 10 Hertz on channel be patient’s pain went down from a 7 point 4 2 1 pin 3 and all patients experience pain relief that is to say there were no non-responders 58 percent experienced.

[00:08:29] Solution of fibromyalgia within four months there were patients as you remember that dropped out of the study for reasons not associated with treatment side effects. I think a lot of it has to do that with the fact that if your pain has been

[00:08:48] Between a five and then nine for nine years and it goes down to a one and 90 minutes at the end of that 90 minutes. You really don’t know who you are. So helping patients with that transition is not something we were very good at it mm when this data was collected. So if you think about it only 40 Hertz on a and tenants and be reduced all inflammatory cytokines now in medicine and inflammatory cytokines are

[00:09:17] Hard to change and when they change they do change slowly over months not minutes 40 Hertz reduced all inflammatory cytokines by 10 to 20 times in 90 minutes and when they returned so the second visit was usually three to five days after the first when they returned they were much lower level. So we looked at in the Luke and 168 interference.

[00:09:47] Going to 10 F Alpha C. Grp. The average p-value is point zero two. So how did a single frequency combination do all of that? Well, cytokines, when you think about it, are created by changes in cell signaling and you’ll hear much more about this from Diane Cross when you come to the Symposium and February. It’s Saturday Sunday 25 times at 27th and 28th.

[00:10:17] And she has expanded on the cell signaling model for however some works but cytokines are created by changes in cell signaling. So there is some outside.

[00:10:31] Influence infection app amp is a pathogen-associated molecular pattern damp is damage Associated molecular pattern so pieces of bacteria or viruses pieces of torn tissue Amsterdam’s land on this receptor change, the kinase has changed the transcription factors this changes genetic expression.

[00:11:00] Even so the DNA creates

[00:11:07] Rna and micro RNA that create the biological answer which in this case is pro-inflammatory cytokines. So and on the can 1/6 n f Alpha interferon-gamma and see grp if the cytokines are created by changes in cell signaling only changes in cell signaling could normalize them so quickly.

[00:11:30] So receptors on the cells respond to external factors, like bleeding bacteria tissue fragments that activate kinases and transcription factors that change genetic expression change micro messenger RNA and micro RNA that create pro-inflammatory cytokines or create inflammation. Well, when we use all of the drugs or even herbs turmeric and curcumin or

[00:12:00] Whatever you’re using. They act like keys in a lock to affect this receptor and change intracellular function. So the nutrients and medication whether it’s Advil or whatever.

[00:12:19] They affect this receptor directly like you can a lock the frequencies act like your key fob your key remote changing that lock with an electromagnetic signal the frequencies appear to change a membrane protein configuration and cell function electromagnetically to normalize cytokine levels. And in the Symposium, you’re going to hear Jerry Pollock talk about that.

[00:12:49] Julianne Mortensen James Ashman, we’ll all talk about and Diana cross. We’ll all talk about how this mechanism works and what it means physiologically and how it influences what we do and how we do it. So the frequencies appear to change cells suddenly now the current activates signal transduction increases protein synthesis by 70 percent increases amino acid.

[00:13:19] For it, but 40% So if you combine the effect of the frequencies changing cells signaling and reducing inflammation and then the fact that the current increases ATP production and activates our altars signal transduction within the cell, there’s the mechanism. That’s how this works. So now let’s talk about SIBO.

[00:13:42] Five ways SIBO develops decreased stomach acid poor gut motility intestinal neuropathy, which is an interesting concept physical obstructions such as scar tissue and diverticuli. So diverticuli are a problem. One of the mechanisms. You need to remember about diverticuli. Is that diverticuli diverticuli, itís

[00:14:13] Becomes a problem because of infection diverticuli or a source of recurrent and ongoing infection and that becomes important when we start talking about the Vegas now, here’s the thing you to talk about or hear about SIBO taking

[00:14:34] Two three five ten years to clear up. You have to remember that there is not a single cell.

[00:14:44] And your digestive system that was there three days ago these cells every cell in your digestive system turns over every five to six days. So how is it possible for see but a last four years even with good GI Therapeutics, I mean think about that.

[00:15:06] Like really?

[00:15:10] Right, you’re doing all this diet. You’re doing all these supplements. You’re doing all these whatever.

[00:15:17] And you still have C Bell. Well, there’s not a single cell in your gut. That’s the same. So how does that happen? What’s the missing piece?

[00:15:25] So what is the vagus nerve have to do with SIBO? Well, look at the causes to diminish stomach acid gut motility and test them on the Rapa Thief physical obstructions and diverticuli. Hmm, the vagus controls stomach acid and gut pH right because the vagus is in charge of does your stomach secretes acid and

[00:15:55] Acid that’s produced in your stomach regulates the pH in your gut your pancreas puts out the same amount of

[00:16:06] Bicarbonate no matter what

[00:16:09] So the vagus controls to make asset if diminish stomach acid is one of the reasons you have SIBO. Then there are the vagus gut bacteria are very pH-dependent and gut bacteria are determined by digestion the vagus controls pancreas secretions, which

[00:16:31] Help while pancreas secretions digestive enzymes that modify the food that you take in and determine how the food is digested between the stomach acid and the pancreas secretions and the food the state of the food shall we say contributes to

[00:17:00] Got microbiome microbiomes a big word these days. So the vagus so poor gut motility. Hmm, the vagus controls gut motility and sphincter function intestinal neuropathy. The Vegas is the primary afferent and efferent innervation of the intestines. So if there’s something wrong with the nerve’s neuropathy, is there something wrong with the nerves in the intestine. The Vegas is in

[00:17:30] Alt

[00:17:32] Vagus support physical obstructions the vagus suppresses the immune system and the Vegas is off. There’s inflammation.  inflammation causes that hypermobility. So it reduces gut motion that helps you squish your food along and it contributes to adhesions inflammation leads to chronic inflammation leads to scar tissue.

[00:17:59] And then the Vegas is suppressed by infection the diverticuli get infected and the infection in the diverticuli suppress the vagus. So the Vegus is the missing piece. So let’s talk about the Vegus again. The Vegas gets in the way of survival during stress. The vagus slows the heart rate increases digestion and suppresses the immune system the vagus

[00:18:29] Says turned off by infection stress and Trauma

[00:18:34] Affection stress and Trauma signal from the Vegas to the central stress or limbic systems to inhibit the vagus. So the heart rate can go up the digestive system can be turned down the immune system can be very active creating inflammation to fight infection and repair tissue, which is how you survive if you’re being, you know attacked by a tiger.

[00:19:00] The point of the whole system is to keep you alive during infection stress and Trauma.

[00:19:08] So the Vegas is inhibited by infection stress and Trauma every SIBO cause if you look back at the causes of SIBO every SIBO cause is associated with infection stress or tissue damage.

[00:19:28] So there’s where the vagus starts and the medulla and there are the central limbic stress centers the thalamus the hypothalamus the amygdala, okay.

[00:19:43] Now the underlying SIBO cause checklist that I was given and it’s probably not related to the vagus medications opiates antibiotics proton pump inhibitors accept that opiates are prescribed for trauma and injury and Trauma and injury turn off the Vegas antibiotics.

[00:20:11] Are prescribed for infection and proton pump inhibitors are prescribed for the reflux, which is related to stress. Parkinson’s probably not related to the vagus except for the medulla and basal ganglia connections. So if you go back to this and you look at where the basal ganglia are there right in here.

[00:20:41] So there are a lot of connections between the medulla and the basal ganglia. So Parkinson’s is not related to the vagus except maybe it might be immunosuppression used for autoimmune disease and there’s no way you can have an autoimmune disease if your vagus nerve is working right because the vagus nerve

[00:21:03] Regulates or controls suppresses the immune system T cells and macrophages diabetes except for infection and tissue breakdown associated with diabetic ones and Vascular damage and those will cause vagal suppression. So I’m just saying these are probably not related to the vagus. But if you look one step behind the obvious, yeah, it’s probably related to the vagus.

[00:21:34] So underlying SIBO cause clinical checklist and this was sent to me by dr. Steve Becker abdominal adhesions almost certainly related to the vagus abdominal adhesions scarring the biggest causes traction injuries. So if you have scarring in your abdomen that are related to I don’t know trauma or endometriosis or whatever when you stand up.

[00:22:03] That scar tissue pulls on the vagus nerve oops causes traction injuries and inhibits the vagus appendicitis infection and start issues suppress the vagus Ehlers-danlos. I’m hoping you saw there ehlers danlos webinar because it’s it’s a no-brainer. It’s amazing ehlers-danlos is connected to see Bo and the Vegas because the lacks GI connected tissue the basement membrane.

[00:22:33] In the gut is what the vagus attaches to and every time you stand up with two pounds of food in your stomach after eating breakfast lunch or dinner and your gut

[00:22:49] Pulls down you create vagal nerve traction injuries, which inhibit the action of the vagus ileocecal valve dysfunction vagus controls this valve. So there’s there.

[00:23:03] If the vagus is working right then you do not have ileocecal valve dysfunction Elio cecal valves. This function does not come from space. It is regulated by the vagus and if the vagus is inhibited, then this allows sequel valve isn’t working right parasites infection cause vagus oppression, most of the cases of SIBO that I’ve seen are traced back to other ehlers-danlos.

[00:23:33] It’s or food poisoning infection or parasite traumatic brain injury. Now what’s interesting is the vagal nuclei are located in the medulla and the limbic system is activated by inflammation associated with the TBI and the inflammation in the limbic system suppresses, the vagus deliver directly the vagal nuclei located in the medulla will

[00:24:01] Be suppressed by trauma to the muladhara. So traumatic brain injuries also kind of obvious hypochlorite hydrea bile or enzyme deficiency hydrochloric acid bile and enzymes secretions are controlled by the vagus keeps coming up. Doesn’t it almost certainly related to the vagus diabetes vascular damage suppresses the vagus right? Because there are tissue fragments.

[00:24:31] And when the tissue fragments are picked up by the vagal sensors and sent to the brain its infection stress and Trauma. So tissue fragments from diabetic wounds diabetic tissue destruction.

[00:24:52] Well, turn off the Vegas hypothyroidism is interesting if hypothyroidism is related to autoimmune thyroid condition. So if you have anti thyroid antibodies autoimmune disease is related to vagal suppression.

[00:25:10] Right because if the vagus is working properly you don’t get autoimmune conditions. autoimmune conditions do not come from space. They come from someplace and if the vagus has its function to

[00:25:27] Ctrl T cells and macrophages and the vagus isn’t working, right?

[00:25:36] Having autoimmune

[00:25:39] Having anti thyroid antibodies which lead to hypothyroidism those anti thyroid antibodies are related to Vegas oppression. So then you have to step one step back and ask what started the hypothyroid what started

[00:26:01] The vagal suppression that led to the hypothyroidism. Do you have John fection? Did you get food poisoning? Did it start after you had a broken leg or a surgery for whatever you always have to go back and look at the cause look at what’s behind Scleroderma and crowns are autoimmune. Once again related to the vagus every Scleroderma and Crohn’s patient that I’ve treated.

[00:26:30] And we’re up into double digits now are have been associated with either severe life stress or

[00:26:42] Food poisoning or parasite there’s some infection or personal life trauma and stress that are related in both of those. The vagus is turned off by infection stress and Trauma lime is infection. The vagus is turned off by infections trust and drama if you have lime your vagus nerve is compromised and the SIBO is a side effect of the lime in so far.

[00:27:12] Far as

[00:27:14] The lime turns the vagus off. Okay, so that the immune system can be active you can be inflamed but your gut doesn’t work very well see the thread food poisoning in the stomach flu the infection turns off the Vegas.

[00:27:35] Irritable bowel anti CD TB and anti Bank yulin antibodies that are found with leaky gut irritable bowel or inflammatory bowel disease.

[00:27:49] Suppress the baker’s so the vagus suppresses macrophages and T Cell Activation. If there are Auto antibodies that Vegas is suppressed. Therefore the Vegas is suppressed.

[00:28:05] So there’s a big discussion in the SIBO community about migrating motor complexes as if the motor function in the intestines is independent somehow of the vagus or any outside intervention. Well, the problem is when you read the is really only two papers that this whole migrating Motor complex.

[00:28:31] Conversation is derived from the research showing the migrating motor complexes are independent of bagel enervation depend on two studies that cut to vagal trunks just below the diaphragm. So they went into the animals and they cut just to trunks of the vagus that come down next on both sides the esophagus they go in and they cut those

[00:29:00] Well, that would be fine. If that was the only innervation of the vagus into the gut. The problem is that the vagus fibers enervate the aorta and every visceral blood vessel in order to sense infection and regulate blood sugar and blood chemistry.

[00:29:19] That doesn’t depend on just those two trunks those two vagal Trunks and then there are Vegas Pain fibers that go to Every portion of the thorax and the abdomen.

[00:29:35] Those relate to just those two trunks. So to my mind reading those papers the concept that severing to motor trunks into the abdomen will be nerve eight. The Vegas is to my mind unconvincing.

[00:29:53] So they never demonstrated that the vagus was non-functional. There’s just a big chunk of that was wonderful research. The problem is they never made the connection they never proved it. They showed that they cut the two trunks, but they kind of forgot about all the other vagal enervation just the blood supply.

[00:30:17] Every blood vessel in the abdomen is innervated by the vagus and those that vagal innervation is up in the aorta.

[00:30:28] And that’s above the diaphragm. So if the vagus that’s innervating the blood vessels and the aorta if those trunks are

[00:30:47] Inside the blood vessels cutting the two motor trunks below the diaphragm is not going to

[00:30:56] Have any effect on all of the other vagal innovation of the gut so I’m not convinced. It’s a nice paper migrating motor complexes are nice Theory, but and it is definitely gastric motility is affected by 5-hydroxytryptophan and tryptophan all the rest of this is correct. But this concept that gastric motility is

[00:31:26] Independent of bagel function. Mmm, I’m not convinced. So when they infect then there’s a question. Okay, the patient got the infection the vagus got turned on off.

[00:31:41] And then the infection is gone. The injury’s healed. The vagus should come back on and suppress or control the immune system suppress inflammation restored digestive function and regulate the autonomics and the heart rate.

[00:32:00] But it doesn’t.

[00:32:02] When infection is gone and the traumas repaired sometimes Olympic Stress Center stay on the Vegas stays off allowing sebo to persist for years. Why is that?

[00:32:15] In our world and a normal patient the a foreign vagus notifies the brain of infection stress and Trauma 80% of the information from the body to the brain comes by way of the afferent vagus. Once infections gone, the traumas repaired knee injuries healed the a fair and vagus tells the brain that everything’s fine and stop sending stressor information the Primitive midbrain lambics.

[00:32:45] Centers the thalamus the hypothalamus and the amygdala calm down and let the vagus come back on that’s in a normal patient. Why did the stress centers stay on? Why does the vagus stay off and how does SIBO persist for years? You’ve seen this before in the limbic system and the in the vagus?

[00:33:14] Presentation but we’re going to go over it again because it’s it’s so important. So the midbrain our limbic firing threshold is set and modified it set at conception which is incomprehensible to me, but it the studies just show it children conceived.

[00:33:39] And then planted so when they’re in vitro fertilization, we have the eggs in a Petri dish and you put the sperm in there and the sperm implants with the egg and you they wait until it grows to 32 cells and then they freeze it liquid nitrogen children that were conceived by implanted with Frozen by implanted.

[00:34:08] Frozen embryos have higher blood pressure at age 7, it’s the only object of measure of stress response that they could that they could figure out to Matt measure.

[00:34:20] They have higher blood pressure at age 7 compared with controls conceived normally.

[00:34:26] And it’s higher like they don’t even overlap. They don’t there’s no overlap at all. They’re just they are like this.

[00:34:38] In vitro fertilization normally fertilized like this the suggestion was that stress can be imprinted in a blastocyst.

[00:34:50] There’s no nervous system. It’s in a blastocyst. It’s 32 cells maternal stress during pregnancy lowers the firing threshold the brain stress centers fire earlier when the child becomes an adult with less external object of threat Early Childhood trauma such as sexual or physical abuse surgery even accent any trauma prior to the age of 7 will lower the firing threshold.

[00:35:20] Eating stress centers and adults with little what we would think of as objective external threat adult trauma pain rape abuse PTSD kidnapping assault all of those lower this firing threshold for years or sometimes permanently. So that’s what we call Central sensitization.

[00:35:46] Central sensitization is like having this trigger set as a hair trigger. The limbic stress centers can stay on. Even when the threat is gone. They’re said to be sensitized and they fire with very little objective external stress or threat.

[00:36:05] The midbrain the thalamus the hypothalamus the amygdala

[00:36:14] Hippocampus

[00:36:16] The midbrain remembers

[00:36:21] The hippocampus and the amygdala are intimately connected and there.

[00:36:28] Purpose in life is to remember the last time something bad happened so that you can get away from it the next time.

[00:36:39] The mid brain remembers and puts an unconscious subconscious or rarely conscious you get flashes of it. Sometimes every childhood put us in subconscious or rarely conscious memory Early Childhood past injury pain and stressful advance. So you can predict and survive future events and the patient is unlikely to be aware of this sensitization or any

[00:37:08] These memories especially if they happen before the age of seven. So visual stimuli sounds smells even textures or Furniture arrangements and I throw that in because I’ll tell a little story that goes with it. They can trigger the midbrain and set off of physical or immune stress response reaction with no conscious memory of why it’s happening or even what is happening. So let’s say there’s a child.

[00:37:38] And this is the way the furniture is arranged in the bedroom that wallpaper that color and when the child is in bed, the family’s having a party downstairs and neighbor or one of the visiting men or family relative or whatever comes up. There’s a click when the door opens and he’s got on a blue shirt and he’s wearing a certain kind of aftershave or cologne.

[00:38:08] Then comes in and molest the child or does things that are not nice and the kid is let’s say five or six is fingers goes places. She can’t make him stop. She can’t defend herself and then he leaves and she doesn’t tell anybody.

[00:38:29] Because his maybe she was dreaming or maybe she tells her mom and nobody believes her because it’s Uncle Ralph. I wouldn’t go Ralph do that. Okay, so she’s five now when she’s 22 or 24. She has irritable bowel IBS Crohn’s SIBO. She has something related to GI function and you’re treating her with nutrition and you’re doing this and that and she’s getting better.

[00:38:59] Is improving and then one day she’s on the bus or the subway and there’s a man or woman even sitting across from her wearing the same color blue shirt and then somebody behind her has a cologne or aftershave that smells the same.

[00:39:24] And then all of a sudden her stomach starts to bother her.

[00:39:29] And two days later she comes in to see you and she says I don’t know what happened. But my all this stuff that we’ve been doing for the last two weeks. It just stopped working my guts mess. I don’t know why.

[00:39:42] She doesn’t remember all this her mid brain remembers turns off the Vegas.

[00:39:52] Infections stress and Trauma infection threat and Trauma and her immune system gets jacked up and her Vegas gets turned off now you can

[00:40:06] Reverse that using FSM but that’s how it works when it doesn’t make any sense as to why it flares up out of nowhere. That’s why.

[00:40:18] It can be something as simple as that. Sometimes. It’s something as simple as just hearing the doorknob to click.

[00:40:27] All right, so

[00:40:31] And the problem is that we have the same response to all stressors. It doesn’t have to be a tiger attacking you in the woods the limbic stress centers the endocrine the hippocampus the hypothalamus the endocrine and the nervous system react to all stress and more or less the same way whether you’re having a fight with an employee or your boss whether you’re in a verbal conflict with some

[00:40:59] People who disagree with you politically whether your parents are fighting and your teenagers having to sit there and listen to it or whether your two children hungry the Lost mom and dad at a state fair.

[00:41:19] The limbic stress centers react to all stress and more or less the same way suppress the vagus. It’s exactly the same response doesn’t have to be a tiger increase the heart rate suppress digestion increase inflammation so you can survive.

[00:41:38] The sensitized patient the midbrain limbic stress centers have a different and a lower threshold and fire with less object of stress.

[00:41:49] Limbic stress centers stay on from a normal life stresses and events. They keep the Vegas offer reduced. They keep the body in survival interfering with digestion and removing Bagel suppression of the immune system.

[00:42:07] So I want you to think about the vagus vagal afferents here.

[00:42:13] Notify the brain of infection stress or trauma by receptors that are everywhere from your pubic bone to the base of your skull basically in every blood vessel the midbrain and limbic stress centers suppress the vagus efferent fibers during infection stress and Trauma Celiac ganglia into the splenic nerve to the spleen that reduce T cells and macrophages activity. So

[00:42:43] The vagus will stop stimulating digestion, which is irrelevant to survival. You have absolutely no need for gut motility or digestive enzymes. We can digest food tomorrow if there is a tomorrow right now, we’ve got this tiger thing happening. So the vagus will stop suppressing the immune system because since everybody knows tiger sped has lots of Germans in it. You want the immune system very active.

[00:43:13] To create inflammation and

[00:43:16] You want lots of T cells and lots of macrophages.

[00:43:20] And so the immune system can respond to infection stress and Trauma. So what happens then if the Vegas stays off the Vegas stops suppressing the immune system macrophages and T cells create non, resolving inflammation elevated cytokines and autoimmune activity.

[00:43:42] So cholinergic vagal stimulation turns off cytokine production. This is Kevin Tracy again cholinergic Agonist and you can look up this reference cholinergic signals derive from the vagus nerve stimulation vagus nerve stimulation inhibit the release of tnf alpha interleukin-1. Can’t remember which what HMG be one stands for and other cytokines trend.

[00:44:12] Do sing a cellular signal that inhibits the nuclear activity of nf-kappa B.

[00:44:20] And the tnf alpha receptors

[00:44:23] Right. So what happens in the digestive system? It’s the Vegas stays off while SIBO gastroparesis dysbiosis leaky gut IGG and IGA me food and environmental sensitivities and allergies chronic inflammation leads to adhesions. There’s an article I wrote for towns and letter on

[00:44:54] The Vegas as sort of a

[00:44:59] Comprehensive integrated thesis for systemic allergies and inflammation for fibromyalgia and all of that. So what happens if the digestive system in the digestive system at the Vegas stays off. Well, if it’s so obvious like it is really obvious, right?

[00:45:23] Right. Why do we not think of Vegas in relation to tseebo? It’s so obvious and I gave a lecture to eight nature paths who are SIBO experts.

[00:45:40] And none of them had ever considered the Vegas has a cause or involved in siebel. It’s how Alison and I got to know each other and how I came to give this lecture to her group. We don’t think of the Vegas because there is not a safe non-invasive inexpensive convenient way to treat it and in general as a group of nature pass and medical Physicians and even some chiropractors.

[00:46:08] We are gastro Centric and chemo Centric and not narrow Electro Centric. So the advantage we have as FSM practitioners is we are neuro electrosensitive. So what I said to this group was okay. What if there was a saved non-invasive inexpensive way to treat the vagus hmm well

[00:46:35] Fsm modifies the Vegas with frequencies and microcurrent

[00:46:41] The signaling changes the receptor directly and effects as you’ll hear from Diana cross at the Symposium and affects not only messenger RNA but more likely directly micro RNA and reduces interleukin-1 interleukin 6 and 10 of alpha causing reductions of factors of 10 and 20 times in 90 minutes, which is not possible.

[00:47:10] In any medical setting so frequency is treat the brain and conscious in concussion EEG changes with fs7 therapy and traumatic brain injuries in a two-week period this was Alicia Thomas and 2003. These are EEG changes and these sections of the EGR for various.

[00:47:34] Symptoms that are associated with different parts of the brain. So sleep language memory attention and focus anxiety and once again anxiety and the concussion protocol just what we do with the medulla took this down when she added the forebrain in the midbrain that created this second this red line.

[00:48:02] And then this Spike here is the prefrontal cortex and treating the forebrain in the midbrain didn’t help when she added the frequencies of the prefrontal cortex. That’s when this whole

[00:48:17] Eeg settled down

[00:48:21] So we’ll talk about it the that at the advanced in a couple of weeks when we when we get to the part of the nervous system that

[00:48:35] Deals with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. We know that only one set of frequencies raise serotonin, and that was a concussion protocol at noon. The pain was a zero and between 12:00 and 12:30 five. We ran the concussion protocol and in every single patient and we publish the data on six patients, but we have data on 13 all 13 patients. We treated pain when the Penguins is 0 we

[00:49:04] Elected to sample and ran the concussion protocol in an every single patient the serotonin increased only with the concussion protocol. So if you remember that diagram about how serotonin affects gut motility

[00:49:23] The concussion code protocol treats the medulla, right?

[00:49:29] Where does the vagus nerve start the vagal nucleophile?

[00:49:35] They start in the medulla interesting, isn’t it?

[00:49:41] And there’s only one set one frequency that increases secretions in specific tissues. Now, this was for a non FSM group. So this is old news for you guys, but 81 hurts increases secretions. This was increasing secretions in the ovary that increased estrogen increasing secretions in the pituitary. I had no effect on estrogen and crease and secretions in the adrenals had no effect on estrogen increasing secretions in

[00:50:11] Every took estrogen from one point four to thirty-seven point one in 30 minutes. You don’t need to be a statistician to know that that is statistically significant. So if the frequency is can reconnect the brain to the body after a stroke then it appears possible for frequencies to increase secretions in the vagus. It’s a little bit of a leap because I don’t have any data yet on the vagus treatment.

[00:50:41] Broke promises and sensory loss increased secretions in the sensory and motor cortex this lady had a sensorimotor stroke at the age of 38. She had sleep apnea and we treated her from neck to feet with 81 increased secretions in 92 the sensory and motor cortex after 30 minutes her hand relaxed, and she

[00:51:11] Do this she could unclench your fists and relax your wrists 60 minutes. This is Kathleen Cashman working on her arm and her shoulder.

[00:51:23] It relaxed she could mobilize her arm and shoulder.

[00:51:29] At 90 minutes. She had active arm and shoulder movement and The Sensation for soft touch proprioception and sharp became normal. Her comment was the glove is gone.

[00:51:47] And we treated her a second time and her range of motion when she came in J’adore Wednesday in this was Monday. This is Wednesday, and this was preserved until the Monday. So that was this was on Wednesday on Monday cathal. We did exactly the same thing again treated the sensory and motor cortex did 81 and 92 Kathleen did all of the good PT stuff and this is

[00:52:17] Active range of motion that was maintained at five months. Unfortunately, she had a second stroke at that point because nobody checked after they took out her tonsils and adenoids nobody checked to see if she still had sleep apnea, but this impossible thing was possible. So this is Roger Bullock has work. We know that the frequency

[00:52:47] And C is modify autonomic function quickly temporarily so you could suppress the parasympathetics by increasing secretions 81 and 49 Vitality in the sympathetics and treat them at full one minute apiece.

[00:53:09] Two minute wait to make sure you’re testing the effects of the frequencies on the body. Not the frequency itself. Then you retest and then one minute treatment increase the parasympathetics with 81 and 49 and parasympathetic 7092 minute wait and a retest so you can modify.

[00:53:35] Autonomic function we’ve got some heart rate variability data, that’s its proprietary at the moment and I’m trying to see if I can talk them into letting go of some of it in time for the Symposium. So we know we can do that. So frequency specific microcurrent is a new treatment Paradigm for SIBO. It’s it wasn’t it was new to this group that

[00:54:04] I was lecturing to FSM is not new to you, but you may never have thought about it as an essential feature of treating SIBO can reduce inflammation and restore vagal balance. So how does FSM treat SIBO? Well, it quiet the medulla 40 and 90 for I didn’t include frequencies in any of this because they weren’t FSM practitioners quiet the medulla.

[00:54:34] Because the vagus starts are sear on the concussion protocol and add in 40 and 90 for quiet the midbrain strength centers and the sympathetics five minutes each of forty and eighty nine, right and 40 and 562 for five minutes each and then remove trauma 94 increased secretions 81 vitality and 49 increased secretions 81

[00:55:04] Oh and vitality 49 in the vagus 109 and then remove scarring in the Vegas and the small intestine. What do you do that? Because when the patient’s stands up you don’t want adhesions in the Vegas to be pulling on the vagal nuclei remove infection in the vagus. Why is the vagus compromised is the is a real question is it mold? Is it virus?

[00:55:34] Is it parasites in one of the patients I treated her?

[00:55:41] SIBO started when she was six years old and it started with food poisoning. That was just e-coli. So we ran the FSM frequencies for e.coli in the parts of her abdomen that were tender which were down in the ileocecal area in the appendix and the gallbladder and in the bile ducts.

[00:56:07] And we couldn’t get this patient turned around completely until she went on antibiotics that were specific for e.coli and the gallbladder and the gut they did attend a course of antibiotics and then after that everything got easy frequencies for the effects of infection on the gut and the vagus cell signaling. So we’d run frequencies 444 E. Coli in this patient in the appendix the alias.

[00:56:37] Cycle valve the gallbladder the vagus then supports the function secretions in the pancreas and the stomach repair the gut so fast turnover tissue and the signaling seems easy to repair a responds really fast because it’s such a fast turnover tissue. You still have to do all the stable states to us do pre and probiotics and enzymes antibiotics antiparasite.

[00:57:07] Medication and treat the mold and all of that can take time frequency is can dissolve abdominal scarring. This is the burn center project dissolve scar tissue and mature Burns is a three-year chronic chronic full thickness burn don’t know if you can see the difference in the color. He was stuck in 15 degrees of elbow flexion at the end of one hour of FSM treatment. The elbow is completely

[00:57:37] Straight this isn’t I wanted 2019. We did use FSM and the burn study in 2003 in Springfield, Missouri at Mercy Saint John’s. So SIBO outcomes in general treat twice a week for four to six weeks. The patient may need a customcare for home use support the stable State and most important find and treat the cause of the able to function the patient has

[00:58:07] John faction from root canals if the patient has ecoli or parasites hard to bail out about while somebody still shooting holes in the bottom of it. So you have to find and treat the cause of vagal dysfunction and do what you’re already doing pre and probiotics and enzymes antibiotics if needed treat mold as needed treat infection as needed and Improvement is in two to six weeks resolution is common in.

[00:58:37] Two to six months assuming it can fix y fix the cause of the vagal this function. If it’s just Scar Tissue, it’s easy if there’s still a hidden infection got something else going on ra treatment is effective and may be necessary.

[00:58:59] So how does successful treatment happen with just frequencies in microcurrent? Well, this is easy for this group FSM was developed in the early nineteen hundreds by MDS and osteopaths in the US the UK and Germany and used by thousands of Physicians until 1934 and the pharmaceutical forces labeled. These treatments is fakes any physician who use these tools would lose his license devices went and the background is really

[00:59:27] Research in history were lost or destroyed and then some of the practitioners were persecuted went to jail. It was kind of a scary time 1946 Harry Van gelder bought a practice in Canada that came with a machine and a list of frequencies from 1920 to 1983. George Douglas worked with Van gelder brought home a copy of the list because we lost all of that history uncertain how the

[00:59:58] These were derived and uncertain of the mechanisms of action. But when you hear Diana crosstalk in the Symposium, you will be it’s a testable hypothesis. We can work on that in 1995. So 1922 to 1946 to 1983 1995 the frequencies for first used to treat muscle and nerve pain. This will protocols weren’t developed until

[01:00:27] Thousand and something 1997 the frequencies were first taught and consistent benefits and effects are teachable and reproducible as you all have demonstrated in the last 20 years research and clinical results in animals and humans have confirmed the effects of the frequencies. So the clinical response is frequency specific inflammation reduces pain swelling and redness, but doesn’t do anything for scar tissue.

[01:00:57] Some scarring dissolve Scar Tissue increases range of motion doesn’t change redness.

[01:01:04] Frequencies for e.coli don’t do anything from old frequencies from all do anything for e.coli. So you have to test or guess at what the frequencies for infection are and use the right one and the tissue softening is what’s going to tell you what frequency what what to look for medically.

[01:01:31] So that’s the frequency specificity Hemorrhage stops bleeding and pain in the Menses prevents bruising and no injuries didn’t do anything else shingles is effective and for every case but not useful for any other condition. So the frequencies act as if they change cell signaling and act as if they dissolve Scar Tissue cross-links with a specific electromagnetic signal

[01:01:59] Biologic resonance the frequency axes if it changes membrane protein and cell configuration electromagnetically the frequencies appear to resonate with the cross links that shorten the scar tissue. This is Cal on a lastname falls out of my brain, but she is treating scarring in the vagus in this young lady that had CRPS abdominal scarring and see

[01:02:29] Gastroparesis and pots and by the time we finished treating her Vegas for two hours, I think about the time.

[01:02:41] Cal finished working on the adhesions in our abdomen and she stood up the pain was gone. The pots was gone. The CBO was gone the gastroparesis was gone and so is the abdominal pain so we know that we can treat scar tissue.

[01:02:56] So how can frequencies chained biological tissue and cell signaling? How is all this possible?

[01:03:05] Human body is a Quantum biological system Newtonian physics describes a large objects, but not molecular systems living tissue is biochemicals. I mean, you are a large object, but you’re living tissue living tissue is made up of biochemicals biochemicals are made of molecules atoms subatomic particles that are held together by electromagnetic.

[01:03:34] Attic bonds. So this is you know, the citric acid cycle that you headed memorizing. What is it molecules and atoms this is insulin. What’s it made of molecules atoms and subatomic particles and every bond that holds every one of these atoms together into molecules.

[01:04:00] Every bond has a frequency a resonant frequency of frequency at which it resonates. So water lines the gel Matrix inside the cells and form a structure that acts as semiconductors. So same Georgie you worked across the hall from Jim ottoman at Woods Hole in I think in the 50s and 60s and Jimmy Osmond will be talking about

[01:04:27] The electromagnetic

[01:04:32] Biophysics that’s behind resonance. And so we’ll Juliana Mortensen and the water aligning the gel Matrix inside. The cells is going to be called lectured about at the Symposium by my my favorite new lecture Jerry Pollock who wrote cells gels and the engines of life and the fourth phase of water if you haven’t

[01:05:00] Read either one of those books I started with the cells gels and the engines engines of life. If you haven’t read either one of those is it sit down with a cup of tea and just start on cells gels and the ends and the wife and prepare to have your brain while kind of explode that’s pretty amazing stuff, but I’m really looking for dr. Forward to dr. Pollock lecturing at the Symposium and

[01:05:27] One is it 27th and 28th of February?

[01:05:32] So your body is basically an electromagnetic system that looks solid but the cells function as a semiconductor Network that conveys current charge and information now resonance is a tendency of a system or Banda oscillated large amplitudes in response to some frequencies, but not others at the resonant frequency. Very small forces can produce very large amplitude vibrations. So soldiers marching and

[01:06:01] Up can collapse a bridge which is why to this day soldiers break step when they come to a bridge.

[01:06:11] Resonance explains the frequency affects the singer breaks a lead crystal glass. It has to be at least 70 percent lead that trick works that effect works because there’s a precise frequency holding let atoms together in a crystal Matrix LED atom bonds vibrate with the singers note and the lead crystal comes apart because the lead atoms just can’t hold together because of the

[01:06:40] Resonance the vibration between the singer’s voice and that frequency that holds the bonds together and the lead atoms frequencies appear to change membrane protein configuration and cell function electromagnetically. So member nf-kappa B. There it is. We change that.

[01:07:06] We have to be changing that because we play Change interleukin-1 interleukin 6 tnf Alpha interferon gamma and see grp and we do that all with a specific frequency signal. So does FSM treatment of the vagus really work. This is our visceral full-body CRPS case report.

[01:07:30] We’ve done this before and the vagus Workshop, but you can’t hear it too often. At least. I hope you can’t because I’m going to be talking about it at the advanced for anybody that hasn’t heard it or doesn’t remember it. This is important. The vagus is crucial to everything you do to restoring health as a 19 year old patient with full-body paying gastroparesis pots abdominal patient abdominal pain urination feels like urine is full of glass.

[01:08:00] Words should have severe viral infection in her mouth and throat at age of six complaints of stomach pain after that. She left class daily for the nurse’s office constipation and gut pain gaily. She was diagnosed with gastroparesis with vomiting at age 11 Port was installed feeding tube leaked at times internally creating abdominal adhesion. She was diagnosed at pots at age 12 or

[01:08:30] And so there’s infection turned off.

[01:08:34] Vagus at that age. She got gastroparesis and then develop pots then shed blood draws at age 16 that caused immediate sharp arm pain and full body pain and allodynia and hyperesthesia that proceeded to the present and she was 19 years old when he saw her symptoms were full body pain and hyperesthesia, Aladeen.

[01:09:04] Abdominal pain allodynia full body skin hyperesthesia, even on her face pain with soft touch everywhere pain with eating slow digestion SIBO gastroparesis abdominal pain severe pain with urination defecation any gut movement in her heart rate was ninety arrest.

[01:09:25] So the key to the solution was the vibe Vegas has pain fibers, which I didn’t know until we were trying to figure this out on a Thursday night knowing that I had to treat her the next day. The vagus have pain fibers CRPS is a denervation condition. The peripheral nerves disconnect from the blood vessels in a single limb.

[01:09:48] To create our SD and CRPS, but full body CRPS is Central forty and eighty nine for the allodynia. But what about the Vegas and the pain owner God?

[01:10:00] What if the vagus disconnected and denervated at age 16 when the pain centralized and they had allodynia started the Vegas has pain and sensory fibers.

[01:10:14] Pain fibers that disconnect from the periphery cause see rpas CRPS. So what if the vagus had disconnected from the gut and the bladder any sensation in the gut and the bladder would be perceived as painful. So we treated her for the allodynia Forty and eighty nine polarized positive of the contacts of the neck and the feet and you evaluate Allah Daniel just soft touch on the forehead and the face that was reduced in about 10 minutes and receded.

[01:10:44] Disappeared pretty much neck to feed over the next 60 Minutes device. No number two treated the vagus. What caused the problem originally well virus in the vagus. Well, we have 160 as malignant virus. So we treated her with 160 and 109 malignant virus and the vagus polarized positive with contacts and neck and the pubic bone once again for one.

[01:11:14] Our men did trauma and vitality with the vagus 109 for 30 minutes each. I did not use 81 and 109 because I was just nervous about the pots. I’ve never treated anybody with that was this complicated or difficult. I was uncertain so I didn’t increase secretions. I just treated the trauma the virus was an hour and then trauma and vitality in the Vegas for 30 minutes each and then we treated the

[01:11:44] Protocol and modified that to include 40 and 94 so 40 and 8 and 9 for the central sensitization 160.

[01:11:58] Malignant virus trauma Vitality in Vegas than Cal treated 13 and 1094 all of the fibers in the gut from the vagus and then we did forty and eighty nine forty and I need for to reduce Central sensitization gentle melting of the vagus.

[01:12:26] Treating scarring in the vagus 109 and it took two hours. She would treated for two hours at the end of it pain was a zero the pots was gone. The she had no symptoms the allodynia was gone and sensation for soft touch and sharp touch was normal urination. She got up and went to the restroom urination was pain-free her resting heart rate went from 92 67 energy.

[01:12:56] Gi system returned to normal by report and stayed normal for the next two days that she was at the Symposium. So we have good theory and then a clinical result that shows yes that it works.

[01:13:11] So however, some help Zeebo repair the small bowel Integrity with current and frequencies reduce cytokines and inflammation directly reduce bloating and pain quiet Central sensitization normalized vagus stimulation, which will normalize gut pH gut motility sphincter function, which will help normalize bacteria. So SIBO is large bowel bacterial that get into the small intestine.

[01:13:41] Well, if the sphincter at the oseco valve is working correctly the bacteria don’t actually they can’t get there right quiet immune system hyperactivity and then reduce sensitivities and and allergies by getting the immune system back under control. So

[01:14:03] To achieve lasting effects at any point. You have to change the stable state. So ice is completely stable as water is completely stable as ice as long as a surrounding temperature is zero degrees Centigrade.

[01:14:19] Water is completely stable as a liquid between 1 and 99 degrees centigrade and at a hundred degrees Centigrade at the comes steam. So the crack frequencies create instantaneous changes and changes the state of the tissue these changes can be permanent when the patient’s metabolism attitude neurology and Physiology support the change in state. So you still have to do all of the stable state things.

[01:14:48] To create a stable state with Integrative Medical strategies. You have to treat the infection that started the problem with antibiotics antiparasite medication herbal or IV strategies repair the intestines with frequency specific microcurrent probiotics prebiotics butyrate is really good at at repairing the gut wall. I would not use glutamine.

[01:15:17] It’s tricky because if you have a really leaky gut as you will have in inflammatory bowel disease and in sebo the glutamine glutamate glutamine, which is supposed to repair the small bowel, the glutamine leaks across is absorbed and turned into glutamate which creates nervous system inflammation, which is doesn’t go well.

[01:15:47] Then support the Vegas with FSM phosphatidylcholine, and they have exercises that really don’t work without FSM, but you can do things like sing and gargle and and do that. So this is how you repair Zeebo and weeks or months and not years.

[01:16:08] Treat the vagus use FSM and use the other things that you know need to know about.

[01:16:18] Maintaining the stable taste 8 in the small bowel. If you haven’t seen the visceral section that the the neuro visceral module with dr. Mazanik doing the visceral day and you want to know more about SIBO and IBS and IBD and the stable State strategies for those conditions. You should do a repeat you can as as

[01:16:47] Never seen practitioner you’ve already taken a core you can do a repeat attendance at the neuro visceral and just just watch the visceral day. I mean the neural produce fun always for me but watch the visceral Dan watch with dr. Maas Nick does with that. It’s just absolutely brilliant. So use a new tool. This is the Suisse to to a group of think there were 800 MD’s and nature of has would never heard of us.

[01:17:17] Sm. So to them it was a new tool I probably didn’t know they needed because they thought all they needed was supplements and whatever to do something that you didn’t think was possible and even for FSM practitioners, if you’ve never thought of SIBO as a veghel dysfunction, if you haven’t put that together what we’ve shown you in the last hour and 20 minutes.

[01:17:48] Really wasn’t possible because you can’t correct SIBO with just supplements and

[01:17:57] Maybe antibiotics and digestive enzymes until you can get the vagus turned on and kept on and keep the midbrain stress centers quiet what you just saw in the last hour and 20 minutes isn’t possible. So there you go. That’s FS. MNC boat was one of my favorite lectures ever to create was pretty fun. And I usually add

[01:18:27] And for the Symposium in the advanced the advanced there was a misunderstanding about dates. So the advance is the 25th and 26th the Thursday and Friday. The Symposium is Saturday Sunday more. We have our guest speakers and our case reports and some of the case reports are just spectacular this year and our guest speakers include John Sharky Jim Ashman, Joanna, Mortensen, Jerry, Paula.

[01:18:57] Iraq

[01:19:01] Who am I forgetting?

[01:19:04] Hmm. Oh Diana cross. Oh my gosh. I can hardly wait for Diana crosses presentation to marshman Jim Turner, Maybe.

[01:19:18] Who’s a the 100 Mille Nathan is going to be at the advanced in Neil’s assignment as to talk more? I did the mold webinar and he’s going to talk more about mold and muscle Activation Syndrome. Dr. Maas. Nick has a really good section on muscle Activation Syndrome and the neuro visceral module. And dr. Nathan is going to take up both.

[01:19:48] Mold treatment and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, so don’t miss the

[01:19:57] The advanced and the Symposium this year. I’m going to I’m really going to miss saying everybody that’s the hardest part is, you know, the section of our schedule that was that was carved out for the group lunches and the they Awards and all of that. It’s like that’s all not there this year, but hopefully by next year we’ll be back if you haven’t been using the

[01:20:24] Respiratory flu protocols that were that we did in the webinars in March and April be sure and revisit those if somebody has symptoms or test positive start running that protocol on them and it’s from what we’ve heard. It’s kept a number of people out of the hospital and out of being dead. So that was really good. I think that’s it. So do we have a QA? Yes, how do I do that?

[01:20:53] That up here. Yeah, just click on that. Oh that one. What’s these over here? Okay. All right, Maddie. How nice agree with you.

[01:21:14] Was IVF babies brains centers for earlier with less strong front? How is it implicit? Yeah, right. How is it imprinted or on a blastocyst when there’s no nervous system or membrane Point? Yeah. That was the whole point of that study. I don’t remember the paper. I remember standing in the back of the room in 2001 with Jacob Teitelbaum as we

[01:21:43] This presentation and it was just as mind-boggling. That was that was the whole point of the presenter was how’s that possible? Have you ever thought of asking a fibromyalgia patient if I mean, we’re aware that fibromyalgia patients are

[01:22:05] The fibromyalgia patients are typically have been molested abused have Early Childhood stress. That’s something on the order of 70 or 80% of fibromyalgia patients. But have you ever thought in your life of asking a patient how they were conceived? How does that even work? I don’t know Maddie, but that’s that’s the question isn’t it? And I don’t even remember the name of the paper.

[01:22:35] But I guess you could Google it and find it.

[01:22:38] Abdullah Vegas is so critically if it is chronically turned off. What is the optimal strategy to turn it back on while it’s for us? There’s two ways one is you treat concussion and vagus. So concussion in Vegas. It’s in the it’s in the core at this point forty and eighty nine forty and 94 turned down the stress centers in the medulla turned down the stress centers and the midbrain and then increasing tree.

[01:23:08] It’s like a Vegas for trauma increased secretions and vitality. I’ve got an autoimmune thing going on and I run concussion and vagus on myself every single night. So that’s that’s the optimal strategy and you have to figure out is it is it a mold infection as John fection did the patient have a parasite 15 years ago when they got food poisoning and it’s just hanging around in their appendix or a hanging.

[01:23:38] And around in their gallbladder, so they don’t have what you would call an active infection, but they still have an infectious agent do they have mold in their sinuses. Do they have mold in the bone in their jaw. You’re going to hear Mary Ellen Chalmers talk about that. Do they have root canals? Is that a source of infection? So looking for the infection that is causing it. So infection stress and Trauma.

[01:24:07] It’s the Vegas is still turned off. What you’re looking for is infection stress and Trauma. Where is it going to be?

[01:24:18] That’s a good question. Glenna frequencies important current is important to the magnetic converters work really? Well. The current is an issue when the nerve something has to be

[01:24:38] Polarized positive like spinal cord or a nerve so you can’t use the magnetic converters for nerve pain but I use seba magnetic converters for SIBO and leaky gut all the time. I mean my my leaky gut and got protocol part of the autoimmune thing I’ve got going on is there are antibodies to virtually every gut part Junction that there is and

[01:25:07] My Siebert protocol runs about leaky gut protocol runs about 3 hours. There’s no way I’m going to do that in the daytime. So I use the magnetic converter every night.

[01:25:24] So, yes, so Paula, how did you choose the amount of time to treat the complicated crpf? That’s a really good question. We had the time because it was at the end of the day, so I didn’t have a clinical time restriction and I wanted it to be I wanted to get it done. I wanted it to be finished the thing I found with RSD is if you can get it finished it usually stays.

[01:25:53] Finished so we treated it for an hour because we had an hour and I just treated the Vegas until she stopped responding and then we treated I mean we treated virus in the Vegas for about an hour and then we started treating we were also treating forty and eighty nine. She was so centrally sensitized that that just soft touch on her face was excruciating. So we treated until that

[01:26:23] I was gone and 160 and the Vegas until that was gone. And then we started so we done 1489 for an hour and then increased secretions and reduce trauma and increase vitality. And yes, so that’s it’s just what we had time for and then I said

[01:26:52] The doctor to start to work on her abdomen and I think she worked on her for 30 30 to 45 minutes. So

[01:27:03] As Ephraim some treatment for tissue-specific f inflammation. Yeah. I mean any time when I’m finding is an eight-time anytime you want to turn inflammation off. I always treat the Vegas and you just always treat the vagus concussion in Vegas. So the concussion protocol this is in the Cornell + 40 + 94 + 94 and forty and eighty nine and then trauma.

[01:27:33] Secretions and increased vitality and the Vegas for like 5 minutes each and and then tissue-specific inflammation surf, you’re treating inflammation in the I don’t know Pez answering Versa or the shoulder or the liver or whatever pancreas. If you’re treating that kind of inflammation you can trade with one machine. You can treat the tissue specific inflammation with a

[01:28:03] Second machine you can do the concussion and vagus braces going Paula. I think dr. Chalmers is just going to be at the Symposium. I don’t think we have a spot for her at the advanced. She await know she is at the advanced. Yes. She’s at the advanced. I lied. She is at the advanced. She’s got a 90 minutes lat and she said no. No I can get it done in 60 minutes. And then truth of the matter is the last time she tried to do it in 60 minutes at didn’t know.

[01:28:34] So she’s got no 90 minutes when you’re treating the LIE when treating the biggest you also use frequencies to Tamp down the sympathetics. Yes. I forgot about that. So I had one patient where I was great. She had what did she have?

[01:28:57] Thanks, Chad Seibel.

[01:29:02] What on Earth did she have?

[01:29:04] Cheryl is down that’s to begin with but she had GI stuff has hero stuff and I had I was doing increased secretions in the Vegas and shit pot. And her heart rate was all over the map from 60 to 90 like it just checks and we started just increased secretions in the vagus and her pulse stabilized at about 6:00.

[01:29:34] Ste 768 ride in there just watching the heart rate variability. Come down to normal was great. Then I asked about infection stress or trauma and her mom said well, yes when her dad and I got divorced she would have to go visit her dad and he was verbally abusive and the kids heart rate in two seconds went up to 90 and I kept doing

[01:30:04] Increased secretions in the Vegas and I couldn’t get it down. I took another machine and around 40 and 562 and 81 and 109 and that after about five ten minutes brought it down to 67 and kept it there, but I had to combine the sympathetics when when the hippocampus remembered dad. That was the thing. So it all works together and

[01:30:33] So when we come to the advanced, I think dr. Nathan is on Thursday with me. I’ll do the vagus presentation on Thursday and I’ll modify it a bit and the reason we’re doing the Vegas and yes, I am going to make you sit through it one more time because they the vagus and Central sensitization and the Vegas and immunization Mary Ellen said

[01:31:03] Start to trauma or says is a prerequisite to what she’s going to do on Friday, and I don’t know if she’ll have time to do a case report but it’s possible. It’s this is the first time we’ve ever done this whole thing live stream. It’s just it’s just too dangerous yet to have people flying around the country. So we just we couldn’t do any of this live. I’m afraid.

[01:31:29] So that’s it’s a great experiment and there’s Kevin. Hi, Kevin.

[01:31:38] Just what am I doing?

[01:31:45] What are we doing? Should I say goodbye before you turn something off? Oh, I was just gonna see if I could if we could see who was the attendees, but it won’t let me. Let me see here.

[01:31:57] Put it on the laser pointer. And as a hard time does have a hard time. Yeah, I’m glad you’re all here. This link will be sorry. It’s my tambourine from you. Don’t want to know about the yeah. It was a really cool band. I was the girls are quite about 45 years ago any more. Could we do?

[01:32:23] It’s the last one. Oh Paula, you’re welcome to the seminar. I love this topic because it’s such a difficult thing to treat and when you add the vagus to it, when we figured out that you could treat the vagus is absolutely extraordinary what becomes possible and when you see ehlers-danlos and and all of the different conditions where the vagus

[01:32:53] This is involved immune system every autoimmune condition. It’s just everywhere and I think I’ll probably do the vagus presentation for another one or two years till everybody gets it and until you’re all kind of bored with it. And I’m really excited to see all of you at the advanced in the Symposium. We’ve got a couple of couple of weeks to get ready for that and Karen Perry Oh Karen just wait. This is the vague the

[01:33:23] His presentation is even more mind-blowing than this. This was a presentation for people that didn’t know anything about the nervous system you guys start from a different place. So I will update all my stuff. I’m excited to see you on missed you in person buy yourself some dark chocolate with almonds squares. If you would please and with any luck, we’ll be back in Phoenix in 2020 22. That’s that’s the plan.

[01:33:53] Can be well be healthy.

[01:33:56] Can I wait I got another one?

[01:34:05] There’s another one down there.

[01:34:12] Do you like to do a drive-by for lots of an infection frequencies with SIBO? Yes. That’s how we figured out with Allison. It was E.coli all those a hint. She said, it’s I had a I had food poisoning with E.coli when I was six. I was like well duh parasite young man had Crohn’s and when did you get it while I was living in the Middle East?

[01:34:43] Duh, so we have four five parasite frequencies from the advanced and his one pain. The only plane place he had pain has only place where he had Crohn’s was at or the small bowel and the cecum that ileocecal valve area were and I ran through the five parasite frequencies and there was one of them made it go Smash and his aunt who brought him was is

[01:35:11] An internist and I said, do you have your prescription pad? Yes. I want him on metronidazole Flagyl and alinea tonight so that he has two doses before the time. I see him tomorrow at 4 o’clock by the next day crowns was easy. It was just getting rid of the parasite that nobody thought it was there once it was diagnosed as Crohn’s. Nobody’s looking for a parasite, right? Okay an aura Greenberg had an accident two years ago CR

[01:35:41] It’s like symptoms abdominal pain other. Yes. Yes. See once you have a way to treat it. Then it all makes sense. They don’t think about it because they don’t have a way to treat it after the pole point and the way you’re going to see both the core and the advanced change 20 years ago. I thought this course was teaching people frequencies and then you’d figure out what to do with them.

[01:36:10] This year since I’ve had more time to think and not good on airplanes this year the purpose of this course and all of us him courses are to teach you to think to think when you have frequencies as a tool to modify tissues and address the cause of discern the cause nothing is a hundred percent. But once you once you know how to think about it, it gets very much easier.

[01:36:40] So I’m so proud of all of you keep doing good things and I will o Do lyrics and yay Candace. Yay. It’s so nice to see friendly faces. It’s like this virtual hug to everybody. Okay, I will see you guys in a couple of weeks at the advanced and and the core of the five-day core will be there for the QA. We have to figure out how they do the Q&A because we have students basically in five continents.

[01:37:10] Tents and six time zones, it’s weird still trying to figure out how to do the QA and oh Heather. Hi Hannah. How are you? Oh good. All right, then well do good things and keep keep a good thought and I’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks.

[01:37:31] Earrings. Okay. See you later.

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