Teaching Beautifully

This is not a question..but a few comments.  I am a retired PT (let my licenses go in 2017) and I have written 2 other times.  I have read, viewed and listen to so much that you have put out (often twice)..and I just purchased the video (USB) Pain and injury Core module.  I received that a day and a half ago.  So far I have viewed the first half day.  I knew everything from the 1st 90 minutes (introduction)  but then Kim got into the musculoskeletal and pain and injury.  It is beyond my wildest dreams wonderful!  I am glad that I spent most of the last year reading/studying what was available to me before purchasing the core, as this has made what is being said by you all quite familiar and understandable. Carolyn and Kim, you are teaching beautifully!  I was just so excited and happy with this that I had to send a compliment NOW!

Thank You!
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