Leaders in Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education

Episode Forty-Six – Pro Sports Use FSM

Episode Forty-Six – Pro Sports Use FSM

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC
Kim Pittis, LCSP, (PHYS), MT

01:40 practitioners compartmentalize emotions 03:27 FSM practicum weekends 08:46 disc bulges 11:56 splenius 13:40 dry needling into the facet joint 15:24 88/65, resistance to healing 17:58 cervical practicum order 20:12 FSM is a recipe 21:40 when you have FSM as a tool 24:59 Hawaii and Australia 27:21 Smush 31:25 hiatal hernia 35:25 40/89 frequency pair of the year 48:25 osteonecrosis of the knee 56:25 49, increasing vitality 57:32 pro sports teams learning FSM

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