Faculty - Frequency Specific Microcurrent - Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Leaders in Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education

The FSM Adjunct Faculty lectures in the afternoon every year at the FSM Advanced course. The adjunct faculty changes every year because FSM practitioners need a variety of information from various skill backgrounds to support their use of FSM in the diverse conditions that FSM can treat.

Carolyn lectures at the FSM Advanced to provide FSM practitioners with the quality FSM information they need to make them competent, extraordinary and thoughtful practitioners. She has also lectured at integrative medicine and pain meetings since 2000 and bring all of that experience and information to FSM meetings every year.
Kim Pittis is the director of FSM Sports and proudly lectures on using FSM in physical medicine applications. Kim’s goal is to continue the message of teaching FSM as a language and to help other physical practitioners in their journey to professional excellence.