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Advanced FSM 2023 Video Presentations


2023 Advanced Video Presentations.

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• Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC | FSM Advanced Seminar 2023

• Kim Pittis, LCSP, (PHYS), MT, CES | Hidden Gems in the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

• Jennifer Sosnoski, MD | FSM and Functional  Medicine Approaches to Lyme and Mold

• Roger Billica, MD | 15 Years with FSM ‑ Pearls of Experience

• Mary Ellen Chalmers, DMD, ND, MS | Neurology  of Head, Neck, and Face Pain

• Faculty Panel | Q&A

• William Clearfield, DO | Endocrinology of Traumatic Brain Injuries

• Candace Elliott, NP | How to Write a Case Report

• Robert DeMartino, DC | Functional Medicine Road Map

• Ben Katholi, MD | Rehab Barriers ‑ how FSM can be into inpatient/outpatient/hospital settings

• Dave Burke, DO | Using FSM for ADHD and Autism

• Contains Slides

Course Title: Frequency Specific Microcurrent Advanced Video Training & Presentations

Course Description:

This advanced course is designed to provide practitioners with an in-depth understanding of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and its applications in healthcare. The course covers a range of topics, including the history and development of FSM, FDA regulations and compliance, FSM graphics for your clinic, the FSM website practitioner list, and how FSM is changing medicine and lives. The course also explores opportunities for practitioners to make a positive impact in the world through personalized patient care and collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the principles and techniques of FSM

2. Apply FSM knowledge and skills in clinical practice

3. Comply with FDA regulations related to FSM

4. Incorporate FSM graphics in their clinic to enhance patient understanding and engagement

5. Promote their practice as an FSM practitioner through the FSM website practitioner list

6. Recognize the positive impact of FSM on healthcare and patient outcomes

7. Identify opportunities for growth and contribution in the field of FSM


Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of FSM
    2. Importance of the FSM Advanced Course
  2. History and Development of FSM
    1. Origins of FSM
    2. Key figures in the development of FSM
    3. Advancements in FSM technology
  3. FDA Regulations and Compliance
    1. Evaluation of FSM by the FDA
    2. Compliance with FDA regulations
    3. Importance of FDA compliance for practitioners and patients
  4. FSM Graphics for Your Clinic
    1. Importance of using FSM graphics
    2. Benefits of incorporating FSM graphics in your clinic
    3. Examples of FSM graphics and their applications
  5. FSM Website Practitioner List
    1. Benefits of promoting your practice as an FSM practitioner
    2. Access to the FSM website practitioner list
    3. Subscription details and cost
  6. How FSM is Changing Medicine and Lives
    1. Success stories and testimonials
    2. Positive impact of FSM on various health conditions
    3. Integration of FSM into mainstream medicine
  7. Personalized Patient Care
    1. Importance of personalized patient care in FSM
    2. Strategies for providing personalized patient care
    3. Case studies and examples of personalized patient care in FSM
  8. Collaboration with Other Healthcare Professionals
    1. Importance of collaboration in the field of FSM
    2. Opportunities for collaboration with other healthcare professionals
    3. Benefits of interdisciplinary approaches in patient care
  9. Research and Advancements in FSM
    1. Current research studies on FSM
    2. Emerging trends and advancements in FSM
    3. Incorporating research findings into clinical practice
  10. Ethical Considerations in FSM
    1. Professional ethics in FSM practice
    2. Informed consent and patient autonomy
    3. Maintaining confidentiality and privacy in FSM
  11. Business and Marketing Strategies for FSM Practitioners
    1. Developing a business plan for an FSM practice
    2. Marketing strategies to attract and retain patients
    3. Financial considerations and insurance billing in FSM
  12. Continuing Education and Professional Development in FSM
    1. Importance of ongoing learning in FSM
    2. Opportunities for continuing education in FSM
    3. Professional organizations and resources for FSM practitioners
  13. Case Studies and Practical Application
    1. Analysis of real-life case studies in FSM
    2. Discussion and interpretation of treatment outcomes
    3. Hands-on practice and application of FSM techniques
  14. Final Assessment and Certification
    1. Evaluation of participants’ understanding and application of FSM concepts
    2. Final examination or project to demonstrate proficiency in FSM
    3. Awarding of certificates upon successful completion of the course

Note: This syllabus is a general outline and may be subject to modifications or additions based on the specific course curriculum and the instructor’s discretion.

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