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FSM Advanced Seminar 2021
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Dr. McMakin presents the 2021 FSM Advanced Seminar covering frequencies from the Advanced Frequency List as well as frequency lists from Abrams, West Indies, and George Douglas’s experimental frequencies.

Advanced topics on treating patients with FSM are presented by our Advanced FSM Practitioners.

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC
FSM Advanced Seminar 2021
The Vagus Nerve Changes Everything

Neil Nathan, MD
Understanding the Importance of Mold Toxicity in Chronic Illness

Robert DeMartino, DC
Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Mary Ellen Chalmers, DMD
Comprehensive mechanisms, evaluation and treatment of orofacial pain

Jodie Adams, DPT
Comprehensive mechanisms, evaluation and treatment of orofacial pain

Kim Pittis, (PHYS), MT
TMJD and FSM: Successful Strategies in Physical Medicine Applications

David Musnick, MD |
Autoimmune Conditions: Regulating the Immune System and Treating Barrier Tissues with Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Functional Immunology