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FSM Symposium 2021
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James L. Oschman, PhD | FSM and the Fabric of Space

Diana Cross, MD | Specific micro-current frequencies Altering
Specific micro-RNA expression. Is this the ‘how’ of the ‘FSM wow’?

Gerald Pollack, PhD | The Fourth Phase of Water:
Implications for Health and Well Being

John Sharkey, MSc | The Bones of Tensegrity – Fascia,
Tension and Self-Assembled Anatomy

James S. Turner, Attorney at Law | The Healing Frequencies of the Law

Juliana Mortenson, MD | Resonance Something old; Something New

David Burke, MD | FSM and Osteopathic Manipulative
Medicine for Cerebral Palsy: Case Study

Laura Keiles, ND, MMP (LMBT) CPN | Injury & FSM:
Case study & QEEG monitoring and IMPACT of FSM

Ping-Tang Liu Morgan | Refractory Baker Cyst: Case Study

Nathan Malcolm | The Power of Hope, Healing, and Community
in the Treatment of a Newborn with Cholestatic Hepatitis

Kim Pittis, LCSP, (PHYS), MT | Key Strategies for Scar
Tissue Management Following Severe Trauma

Wendall Heidinger, MD & Thad Mauney, PhD | Treating Depression with FSM: A Case Study & FSM Treatment for Relief of PTSD Symptoms