Leaders in Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education

Episode 119 – Healing, Assistive Tools, Managing Pain and Chronic Conditions

Feb 9, 2024 FSM PodcastDr. Carol and Kim delve deep into the benefits and mechanics of FSM and various other assistive tools in managing pain and chronic conditions. They highlight numerous real-life cases to exemplify how FSM treatment brings relief to patients and uniquely addresses problems often overlooked by traditional practices. They share insights into the intersection of physical and emotional components of healing, stressing the importance of patient autonomy, and focusing on the root cause rather than just the symptoms.00:30 Importance of Taking a Pause 00:56 Case Study: Patient with Abdominal Pain 07:55 The Importance of Accurate Diagnosis 16:12 The Role of Anxiety in Muscle Splinting 28:52 The Power of Frequency Specific Microcurrent 18:45 The Importance of Patient Safety and Comfort 25:00 The Impact of Positive and Negative Experiences on Treatment 26:57 Patient Case Study: Pain Management and Emotional Stages 29:59 The Importance of Patient Education in the Healing Process 31:57 Discussion on Disc Herniations and Bulges 33:15 Q&A Session: Addressing Viewer Questions 40:34 The Role of Exercise in Healing 42:48 Dealing with Anger in Dementia Patients 47:22 Closing Thoughts: Patient Advocacy and Self-CareHealth advice Frequency specific microcurrent FSM therapy Advanced health procedures Chronic pain management Physical therapy techniques Medical procedures Healthcare Pain avoidance strategies Dementia management Alzheimer's conversations Vagus nerve Neuropathology Mental health