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Steve the Dad – FSM and Autism

[00:00:00] My name is Steve. I have a 22 year-old autistic son. He was clinically diagnosed as very severe autistic. We brought his score down from very severe to severe down to the high end of moderate to mid-range moderate and he's getting ready to hit mild. Now the therapies we've been using other than diet have been frequency specific microcurrent through dr. Carolyn mcmakin and neural feedback.

[00:00:30] Through brain Corp and the last 90 days. We've seen very very substantial improvements with our son and I've got data we've been having ECGs done every 30 days and taking the ATEC test for autism every 30 days as well and both of them collaborate a 48 percent Improvement in 90 days. So our sons score was 148. It is currently 62

[00:01:00] And we're taking the test in two weeks and I expect it to be a great deal lower than that. He was 21 when we started microcurrent and very very little progress. You had no speech was unable to care for himself couldn't answer questions. Didn't know if you were in the room or not. And now he's very conscious his vocabulary went from less than a 12 word vocabulary to between

[00:01:29] 500 to 700 words over the past year. But again, the the majority of his progress has been in just the last 90 days from being a guy that couldn't get his own glass of water. He now does his own laundry. He shaves himself bathe himself cleans his own room makes his bed more conversational has gained a sense of humor learned how to play Uno, so he's made a very very significant strides.

[00:02:00] Just to we're not just me and his mom to see and notice but my neighbor's my friends. Everyone that comes in contact with him his primary care doctor neurofeedback doctor. They are all stunned with how quickly is improving of 48 percent recovery in 90 days is very very dramatic Skyler used to he had very few things that he would eat and none of it was help.

[00:02:29] Z now most of his diet is fruits and vegetables everything gluten free of course and he will ask me if he can have a cookie and we're before he didn't even have that speech to be able to do so, but he won't even have a cookie. If someone else offers home unless they call me up and make sure that it's okay and he's got to hear it from me personally and this is coming from a guy that

[00:03:00] I didn't know anybody from anybody if you were home or not. He did not know and did not care and now he's gained a sense of caring and affection a lot more Huggy explains himself a heck of a lot better. It's a beautiful thing to see I'm happy to share any information frequency specific microcurrent works. Thank you Carolyn mcmakin for making it happen.