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Skin Surgery & FSM Cover (3)

Skin Surgery

SKIN SURGERY AND FSM – PART 1 Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC Welcome to skin surgery. My eyelid skin surgery update. It’s an FSM practitioner webinar. Welcome. Particular surgeries and traumas have been a really good learning experience for the FSM community, including me. So my life as an FSM lab rat does go on to […]

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SIBO and FSM Webinar

How exactly does FSM help SIBO? Part of the problem with SIBO is small bowel integrity and leaky gut. Leaky gut and the health of the small bowel is compromised. So we help repair that with electrical current and frequencies. We can reduce cytokines and inflammation directly reduce bloating and pain quiet Central sensitization and […]

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FSM and Strokes

FSM And Strokes

There are two types of stroke. One is an ischemic stroke, not enough blood or oxygen, getting to the brain. And the other is a hemorrhagic stroke where blood vessel ruptures and that has, that causes two problems. About 87% of strokes are ischemic. 13% are hemorrhagic. What causes a stroke?

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