Seeing Dr. Carolyn McMakin, DC

My Treatment Approach

Most of my patients have long standing chronic conditions and pain. My approach is to start at the beginning and take a thorough history to discover the cause of the condition. Being able to correct the condition and create pain relief often depends on arriving at a correct diagnosis.

Please bring any imaging or blood work that has ever been done with you, if you have it available.

I use FSM and other therapies within a functional medicine model to correct pathologies and restore balance.

I am a pragmatist. If it works and will help I am very likely to recommend it. If a hip needs replacing; it needs replacing and I am not afraid to say so. I am not so attached to being able to fix everything that walks in the door with FSM and nutrition. I am only attached to finding a solution and attempting to restore the patient to health.

You will almost certainly be treated with FSM so please come to your appointment well hydrated. You may be asked to purchase and take supplements for a period of time. You may be referred to physical therapy for spinal stabilazation exercises.

If you have had this condition for more than 6 months it is very unlikely to be a one-visit fix. You may be asked to plan on two or three visits during a one-week period. If we can achieve pain relief and it appears that FSM will be helpful, I may prescribe an FSM unit for home use. The units cannot be rented and are for purchase. You may be referred to an FSM practitioner near you for follow-up treatment.

My schedule is very limited. I see patients when I am in town between trips and only in the afternoons. This makes me unsuitable for regular follow-up care as I am not available on a predictable regular basis and cannot be reached for emergency care. Jenny Tobias has a cell phone for making appointments but there is no receptionist on site.

There are never any guarantees in chronic conditions. Sometimes it is just broken. But we always try to improve the situation. I love helping patients recover and sincerely hope I can help you find a path to wellness.

To your health,
Dr. Carol McMakin

Clinic Location:
5736 NE Glisan St.
Portland, OR 97213
Scheduling Email:

Treatment Costs:
$150 per hour. Insurance is not accepted but a charge slip at the end of the appointment will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company.
Preparing for Your Appointment:
Please come to your appointment well-hydrated. This means one to two quarts of water consumed in the four hours prior to the treatment.