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Roger D. Billica, MDSymposium Introduction
Paris A. Kharbat, DOResolution of Autoimmune Neuropathy
Regina Thompson, PT, PCSFSM in Longstanding Congenital Muscular Torticollis
Gerald H. Pollack, PhDThe Fourth Phase of Water: A Central Role in Health
David J. Musnick, MDFrequency Specific Microcurrent for Post Hip and Knee Replacements
Juliana Mortenson, MD, PhDResonance Dynamics
Benjamin R. Katholi, MDFSM Case Reports in Pediatric Rehabilitation
Claire Buckley, MDFSM and Intra-Abdominal Adhesions: Surgical Research Project
Marilyn E. Miller, PT, PhD, GCSFSM Stimulates Healing in Resistant Wound
Keith W. Filip, PTManaging Spasticity in Children
Mylène Huynh, MD, MPH, Steven J. Sharp, MDFSM as Adjunctive Treatment for Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed
Paul MawsonMeasuring the Effects of FSM on the Spinal Energy Centers using Biofield Recording and Visualization
David A. Burke, DOFrequency Specific Microcurrent and Attention Deficit Disorder
Laurie R. Chaikin, OD, OTR, FCOVDUpdate on Treating Vision Problems with FSM
Shirley J. Hartman, MDA Case of Left-Sided Weakness
Jim Turner, JDThe Healing Frequencies of the Law
Kristine Allcroft, PhDFrequency Specific Microcurrent as a Promising Adjunctive Treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2
Diana Cross, MDIf You are Curious, You’ll Find the Puzzles Around You: If You are Determined, You Will Solve Them
Mary Ellen S. Chalmers, DMDFSM and Dentistry: Oral Facial Pain the Next Frontier
Guillaume Sorel, DPTCase Report in Physical Therapy: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Carolyn McMakin, MA, DCFSM in the Treatment of Scleroderma: A Promising Case Report
James L. Oschman, PhDA Quantum Leap for FSM: Changing the Universe One Patient at a Time

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