Leaders in Frequency Specific Microcurrent Education

Frequency Specific Microcurrent 5-Day Core Course

$1495 First-Time Practitioner – You have not taken an FSM Core course from Dr. McMakin.

$749 – Current FSM Practitioner – You have previously attended an FSM Core seminar or taken a Core online course from Dr. McMakin.

$749 Practitioner Assistant – You have an assistant working for you that you would like to have trained. You must be a current FSM practitioner who has attended or is currently enrolled in a non-discounted FSM Core course from Dr. McMakin. Unlicensed assistants can treat with FSM under your license and can increase your productivity.

$749 Currently Enrolled Medical Student – You are currently enrolled in a medical/clinical training program and do not have an active clinical practice yet. To request approval for this discount please contact us.


FSM Equipment – After your registration has been approved you will receive an email regarding equipment options, pricing, and a discount coupon.  We will also have limited equipment at the practicum training.