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FSM Advanced 2022 Video Presentations


The Advanced FSM videos provide 3-Days of advanced presentations and case studies including Dr. McMakin’s Advanced FSM Seminar.

See below for a list of speakers and topics.

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FSM Advanced Course – Updated Frequencies and Strategies-Carolyn McMakin, DC

Understanding and Treating COVID long haul symptoms – David Musnick, MD

Prevent and Treat Cancer using conventional and alternative medicine and FSM- Shirley Hartman, MD

The FSM Buddy App and the NEW FSM Buddy Pro App, JJ Buchholz, LMT

Introduction to treating the eye. FSM protocols for vision. – Laurie Chaikin, OD

Endocrinology of Traumatic Brain Injuries – the deep dive. – William Clearfield, DO

From Peripheral Injury Repair to Central Coordination to Recovery – Diastasis Recti – Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT, CES


FSM Advanced Course – Updated Frequencies and Strategies-Carolyn McMakin, DC

Understanding Visual and Physical Symptoms of Vestibular injuries. John Reski, OD, FCOVD

Endocrinology of Traumatic Brain Injury. William Clearfield, DO

Assessing & Treating the Vagus Nerve – Jessie Tierney, PT, DPT, E-RYT

In-depth physical medicine strategies for clinical practice. Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT, CES



How to write up a case report – Candace Elliott, NP, Research Coordinator

Making it work – Practical strategies for implementing FSM

Interdisciplinary panel discussion and Q & A – Jessica Tierney, PT, Sue Beitel, ND, Tammy Woller-Li, DC, David Musnick, MD.

Treating Small Fiber Neuropathy with FSM – Ben Katholi, MD

Using FSM to treat Urinary Incontinence – Rose Marie Filart, MD

Treating foot drop in a 31-year-old with scleroderma. – Dave Burke, DO

Tai Chi Practice – Candace Elliott, NP

Treating MS with FSM. – Sandra Osterberg, DC

Talo-calcaeal fusion postoperative management. – Kim Pittis, LCSP, MT, CES

Treatment and recovery in a cellist with ulnar nerve palsy – Sandra Osterberg, DC

Rapid healing and scar reduction in complex fracture after surgical repair. David Murphy, DO

Treating after fundoplication surgery. The nervous system is everything – Jessica Tierney, PT