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FSM Practicum Options

Every Core Level training we offer includes at least 4-hours of hands-on practicum training.


First Time Students taking the a Live-stream Seminar, Video Training or an Online Course can choose ONE of the options below with their practicum credit at no extra charge.

In-person FSM Seminars

In-person core seminars include approximately 4-hours of hands-on practicum training during the event.  In-person seminar students also receive access to the FSM Practicum Library.

If you have completed a core live-stream seminar, a core video training or a core on-line course and would like to use your practicum credit at an in-person seminar please contact the Frequency Specific office at

Trained FSM Practicum Instructor

Frequency Specific Seminars has trained practicum instructors throughout the US, UK, and Australia.

If you have purchased a core live-stream seminar, a core video training or a core on-line course at the “first-time” rate, you can schedule a 4-hour session with an instructor.

You will most likely need to travel to attend a session with an FSM Practicum Instructor.

In order to schedule an FSM practicum session contact Frequency Specific Seminars to be matched with an instructor.  After the training session surveys are sent to both the student and the instructor for feedback.

Frequency Specific Seminars will compensate the instructor for the training.

FSM Practicum Weekend

FSM Practicum Weekends are available in various cities and countries*.

If you have purchased a core live-stream seminar, a core video training, or a core on-line course at the “first-time” rate, you can attend one day of the practicum weekend at no extra charge.  You have the option to attend the second day of the weekend at the regular registration rate.

Current FSM Practitioners can also attend a Practicum Weekend day if they would like to brush up on their hands-on training.  Practitioners can attend one or both days at the regular registration rate.

FSM Training Center

The FSM Clinic & Training Center is set to open in January of 2022.

If you have taken the core live-stream seminar, purchased core video training or an online core course at the “first-time” rate, you can attend a practicum training session at the FSM training center.  Please see the FSM Clinic and Training Center website to schedule your training.

FSM Practicum Library

The FSM Practicum Library is a growing archive of FSM treatment training videos with real patients.

This resource is available to everyone who has taken an FSM Core Training Video, Seminar, Live-Stream, or Course.

With your FSM unit(s) and a volunteer patient, you can follow along with the training video.


*may change depending on the status of the pandemic.